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Mobile App Development

Developing High-ROI mobile apps for enterprises in Singapore.

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Mobile App Design

Professional UI/UX mobile app design that guarantees an eye-pleasing experience for your users.

mobile app development Singapore
Web Development

Developing enterprise web systems to complement our mobile app development.

Welcome to SleekDigital

Singapore Mobile App Development Company

We specialise in mobile app development and focus on being the best mobile app developer in Singapore. Our services include app development, app design, enterprise app development, mobile app maintenance, iPad and tablet app development and M-commerce app development.
Being a mobile app development company in Singapore, we focus on offering not just beautiful mobile apps, but also ROI-driven mobile app development. We want our high-quality app developers to deliver unrivaled mobile apps to the market. We want our bespoke mobile app developers to build mobile apps that can transform your business.
With cloud technologies in place, effective mobile app development can be done to bring efficiency to businesses. Businesses will only move forward with our breathtaking mobile app development and app design expertise.

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SleekDigital App Development Process

How our mobile app development team runs your awesome project

app idea understanding
Mobile App Idea Understanding

Our professional and experienced app developer consultants will meet up with you, the clients, to discuss your requirements. This is for us to propose the right mobile app development technologies for your business, and to understand your needs better.

App Mock Up

We provide wonderful app mockups for the clients to better understand the app they are going to get designed. This also sparks new mobile app ideas for the clients to further improve the mobile app development project further. Moreover, this makes the app developer's jobs easier and clearer.

app design
App Design & Wireframe

Upon beginning the project, we will start to build the UI (User Interface) design of the app, that is dependent on app UX (User Experience) trends. We will also be providing wireframes for the app development clients to sign off. App database schemas will also be provided at this stage.

app development
App Development

After the app technicalities are finalised, we will proceed with the mobile app development. This is where we will build the functionalities of the apps, which is the main core of the project duration. We will be providing periodic updates of the mobile app to the clients at this stage.

app testing
App Testing

Upon completion of each module, we will be conducting tests where the project managers can test for bugs for app developers to rectify. Of course, we will need the help of clients to assist us at this stage to spot for bugs, and to confirm that we are on the same page. During testing, we will also fix all development bugs.

app deployment
App Deployment

After finishing with the tests, we will then move on to app deployment which is to launch the app to the Play Store for Android and the App Store for Apple devices. After which, your mobile app is good to go and ready to be downloaded by the public! Congratulations!

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But Why SleekDigital?

Why SleekDigital as your app development agency?

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Competitive Mobile App Pricing

By leveraging on offshore mobile app development teams, we keep our costs to the minimum, allowing us to offer effective app development to our clients. We also try to keep our costs low for clients as this increases the ROI for the project if completed at lower costs.

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Wide Range of Mobile App Expertise

We have many forms of mobile app development that we offer. We do iOS and Android Native app development, hybrid app development, and even cross-platform app development. We also have resources in web development, marketing, AR and VR, IoT, etc.

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Awesome App Customer Service

Being a lean company, we have a small chain of command, which allows mobile app development teams to connect to the clients directly if preferred. Else, our app project managers will do the liaising in other cases. Operating in this way brings transparency and many satisfied customers!

best app design singapore

We Take App Design Seriously

Design is our #1 consideration for our mobile app development. We take app design seriously as great User Experience (UX) will bring about higher ROI for our clients. With better app designs, comes better results for our mobile app development clients. App developers with good design produces a great mobile app.

digital consultation singapore

App Development Digital Consultation

Our app digital consultants will advise if app development will be a good fit for your project. In other words, we will assess your business to propose the right mobile apps systems with the right functionalities. Being a professional mobile app development consultant, we will suggest astounding alternatives when needed.

young but professional app development

Young & Professional App Team

SleekDigital is started by young entrepreneurs. Being millennials, we understand and can propose technologies that are suitable for businesses. Despite being young, we strive to be the top app development agency in Singapore. We’ll use being young to our advantage.

Our Development Expertise

What are our mobile app development and web development expertise?

Web Development & Web Design

Being a mobile app development company in Singapore, we must also equip ourselves with different technologies that include web development, web design, server knowledge, app design. By knowing website design, we can also help companies build websites to promote their apps. Moreover, owners or managers of the apps will be able to access an admin panel that comes inclusive in every mobile application that we build. Though web development is not our core expertise, we still strive to be able to put out quality work.

UX Design

To put ourselves ahead of other app development companies in Singapore, we take our user experience for the web and app users very seriously. This is to improve feedback from users that we build for the companies.

App Development Expertise

We have a wide range of app development expertise from hybrid, native, to cross-platform development.

native app development

Native App Development

Native apps are apps that have a separate code base for both iOS and Android. Native is the most stable form of apps but takes the longest time to build and is the most expensive as it takes separate expertise to build. Native apps are suitable for enterprise app development or mobile applications that are related to IOT in NFC, Beacons, BLE, Socket, etc. Android apps are built with Java in Android Studio while iOS apps are built with Swift in Xcode.

hybrid app development singapore

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps are built with a single code base. Hybrid apps are actually websites packaged into an app. However, it feels and functions completely like a mobile app. This is not very effective in the old days but it has gotten very popular and powerful in the current times. This is the fastest and most effective way to get an app developed. Though being a website, it can use native elements of the phone(e.g. camera, file upload) by using plugins provided by the framework. One example of a hybrid app development framework is Ionic App Framework.

cross platform app development singapore

Cross-platform App Development

Cross-platform apps are apps that are also on a single code base. However, the difference is that it renders native elements. In other words, it is a native app but it is built using only one set of code. Therefore, it is in the middle of a native app and a hybrid app. Some examples of cross-platform frameworks are React Native and Flutter. This is also very common in enterprise app development solutions. Some examples of apps in cross-platform are Facebook, Instagram, Google.