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Create digital advantages with software products that scale

Sell more, happier teams, happier customers with SleekDigital, Singapore's go-to agency for app & web development.

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Software is complex business

But it doesn't have to be

We do Mobile Apps.

Designing, developing and launching impactful digital products

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UI/UX Design/Research — Understanding your users, finding out what works best
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Product Development — Using code to bring ideas and designs to reality
mobile app development singapore
Mobile App Development — Developing mobile applications that people remember
We do Websites.

Telling stories & building brand with a beautifully designed website

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Web Design — Planning the creative direction of your new website
web development singapore
Website Development — Implementing the designs using the best tech we have
website copywriting
Website Copywriting — Writing content that resonates with your users

What exactly is a digital advantage?

Well, at SleekDigital, it is a piece of software that can help your company stand out from competitors.

Assuming you have similar services with a competitor's company, what is one thing that can help you close more deals?

We believe that software can be one of the most effective answers to this.

Your growth starts with a simple website.

Design, development and deployment of your brand new website. We ensure it looks good, feels good and converts visiting customers into paying customers.

Search Engine Optimisation, Web Design, Web Development, Conversion Rate Optimisation, we do it all. You can be sure that results will roll in in no time.

What can SleekDigital REALLY do for you?

Sell More.

Get access to innovative extra channels to sell and receive orders.
E-commerce, WhatsApp ordering system, mobile-commerce, ordering systems, booking systems are some ways that you can sell more with SleekDigital. We adopt an omni-channel approach where you can sell on the web and mobile seamlessly, with a controlled backend for business intelligence.
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Boost Productivity, Save Time.

Free up your employees' time to work on more important tasks.
CRM systems, ERP systems, even booking systems and internal process systems can help you earn back lost time. No more manual hassles, all digital!
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Welcome to SleekDigital

SleekDigital is a mobile app development & web development company from Singapore. Over the years, we have developed a process that will help build mobile apps and websites to help companies get the growth they deserve.

By having three main powerhouses: Design, Development & Marketing, we craft digital strategies that help companies and startups grow to new horizons in no time.