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Custom Software Development in Singapore

Have you ever felt that your business could do more?
Or are you stuck in a position in your business that you wished you could spend less and earn more?
Well, we’ve helped many companies in the same position to navigate out of that.
Companies who have managed to save thousands and thousands of hours by optimising processes internally.
Companies that manage to get data instantly with the help of our dashboard.
Companies that are getting more sales with new channels of sales.
It’s not just another software that you plug and play into your business processes.
It’s a software that’s build just for you and your company.
The flow of the software is optimised based on your specific business process.
The software is bespoke to you.

Why SleekDigital for Custom Software Development

Custom software vs white-label software (off-the-shelves) vs SAAS software: which should you choose and why?
At SleekDigital, we believe that our software is the ikigai of the software world.
Because we specialise in helping industrial businesses build custom software, we have a set of codes that we possibly can reuse.
These codes are modular based and can be broken down into features.
For example, if your car workshop needs a loyalty system, we can tweak loyalty systems that we have built before and insert into the custom software.
Instead of building everything from scratch, we have a set of codes that are integrable into the existing code bases.
Also, because we only use one technology stack, which is Nextjs for web and React Native for mobile, we are able to utilise all the codes that we have used before and implement into the current systems.

Why only this technology stack?

Yes, we are only using Nextjs or React for our projects. That’s because the performance for those are crazy fast. It’s also super fast to get these projects up and running compared to other frameworks.
The traditional way to handle React/Node projects will be to run two separate instances. One for backend and one for frontend. With Nextjs, everything is into one and we just need to work on the codes for Nextjs.
It is also advantageous over React in the sense that it has server side rendering, meaning it is good for SEO and more secure.
However, it’s not that because we are using Nextjs that we get great performance.
It’s how we are using it.
There are new packages and best practices that are released to the general public.
We have to consistently try and adopt these ASAP.
For example, the release of something called “useOptimistic” was experimental in Nextjs and just gotten to be stable.
We have already played around with it and integrated it to our existing projects.
useOptimistic allows UI to be snappy, updating the interface before the query to database is completed. This makes everything load instantly (optimistically).

What comprises of a custom software? Let’s run through a typical example.

There are only TWO priorities in building a custom software. An internal-facing dashboard, and a client-facing frontend. Once these two are build, you are good to go on the custom software.
Now, it’s figuring out what features should be in the dashboard and the frontend.
Let me give you an example based on something that we have built before.
Let’s say you are a car workshop or in the automotive industry.
The priorities that you have will be to settle appointments to ensure there is no double bookings and to allow customers to book easily.
Here are your goals:
1. Automate appointment bookings (Instead of manually replying WhatsApp or calls)
2. Allow easy access to appointment histories
Usually for this, we would build an appointment booking system in the frontend for the users. This might include e
xtended features such as history of bookings, reminder systems, and also to manage the bookings (e.g. with cancellation policies).
On the backend, it would be a dashboard to see the appointments for the day, and to take note of any changes of appointments. You can also check the history of appointments.
If you wish, you could also add in a checklist or notes for each appointment, allowing the admins to look back into the past appointments to check what has been done.

Seems too basic? We have more!

Now that your workshop has an appointment booking sytems (whether web-based or app-based), don’t you think that there is an opportunity to build more features in your platform for your users?
Now, goals change as you progress in digitalisation. At this point, here should be your updated goals:
1. Increasing bookings
2. Reducing cancellations
3. Reducing no-shows
4. Motivate for repeat customers
5. Increase overall customer satisfaction
To attain these goals, we will have to progressively add new features into the platform. Whether you are using a mobile app or a web based booking system, it’s good to have the following features in mind.
You would need interaction with your users.
This comes in the form of push notifications or email marketing. When you send out emails and push notifications to your users, they are reminded of your services and they might learn more about your company.
For example, let’s say that you have a limited time promotion to do wheel balancing, you can simply push out push notifications to your customers saying that you have a limited time promotion for it.
Those interested can make a booking now.
SleekDigital will craft the storyline and content calendar with your team to come up with the most effective strategy for your company.
Next, you would need a reminder system to send out messages or notifications of your upcoming appointment.
This will reduce the chances of no-shows which is very common in the automotive industry.
To motivate for repeat customers, you can implement a loyalty system where every 3 servicing will grant you a certain reward.
The reward need not be significant, but everything counts. It can be as simple a a free car wash or a discount on polishing services, or even a discount on the servicing itself.
This builds loyalty with the company and motivates repeat customers.
Moreover, if your service is genuinely good, you might even get referrals from this!
Features like this will help your customers improve their overall experience with your company and keep them coming back for more.

But wait… There’s even more!

After all these are implemented, we then go back to drawing board to see what works and what doesn’t.
Usually at this stage, we have enough data to build better software for each user.
We are able to customise each feature for the different segments of users. Each user can be segmented to, for example, number of visits, money spent, etc.
Building a customised experience for your top spenders will result in greater customer satisfaction and referrals for your company.
There are also features such as lucky draw, referral rewards, and even feedback/reviews of your services.
This is the stage where SleekDigital comes in and help you plan out the following features that you can build to improve your business.
The ultimate goal is that potential customers choose your company JUST BECAUSE you have an interesting software in place; a digital advantage.

Let’s get started

Now that you see how a company has grown and evolved with custom software, let us help you do the same for your company.
Schedule a call with us and we will help you kickstart your software journey.
Our Custom Software Development Process:
Discovery & Planning: Understanding your vision and goals.
Design & Prototyping: Crafting user-centric designs and prototypes.
Development & Testing: Building and rigorously testing your software.
Deployment & Support: Launching your solution and providing ongoing support.

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