Some of our work

SleekDigital has done numerous projects with clients from all over the world. Based in Singapore, we are happy to showcase some of the projects we have worked on.

If you are looking for related works in a specific industry, contact us so we can share more.

sleekrender portfolio

We helped Hitact Solutions create a website with an internal system for rental of excavators and other machinary.

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qas portfolio

We helped QAS Auto create an internal appointment booking system with a mobile app for their customers.

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milknhoney portfolio

We helped MilknHoney create an MVP that has gotten 350 users within three months of launch of their dating app.

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oceanwavesportfolio portfolio

We helped Oceanwaves Seafood develop an ordering systems for B2B ordering and fulfilment. Integrated with ERP System.

EnterpriseApp Development
sleekrender portfolio

We developed SleekRender which integrates AI to generate interior designs based on an original image.

StartupWeb Development
autoinc app portfolio

We helped AutoInc design and develop their customised content management system, website and mobile app.

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preztigez app portfolio

We helped Preztigez Asia develop a customised HR system and job booking system with a mobile app for their fleet of drivers.

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asti app portfolio

We helped ASTI develop a internal project management and HR management system mobile app with admin panel.

EnterpriseApp Development
the karting arena web portfolio

We helped The Karting Arena develop and maintain their corporate website integrated with a booking system for go-kart activities.

EnterpriseWeb Development
taggle app portfolio

We helped develop the first version MVP of the Taggle Social mobile app with admin panel.

StartupApp Development
autoinc app portfolio

We redesigned and redeveloped a website and built a custom mobile app + volunteer management system for SAGECC.

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lester law app portfolio

We designed and developed Lester Law's personal website with a blog function and project listings.

PersonalWeb Development
construcshare app portfolio

We helped Construcshare develop the first version of their landing page, webapp and mobile app.

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jjbs app portfolio

We helped JJBS Infinity develop their delivery tracking system + mobile app that handles thousands or orders every month.

EnterpriseWeb DevelopmentApp Development
astrazeneca app portfolio

We helped AstraZeneca develop two internal mobile apps in a two-year contract.

EnterpriseApp Development
somethingnew app portfolio

We helped SomethingNew develop the MVP of their anonymous counselling mobile app + admin panel.

OrganisationApp Development