Enterprise App Development

Enterprise-level App Development refers to the development of an app that satisfies the needs of an enterprise such as businesses, schools, government, etc.

The main purpose of these apps is to increase profits indirectly. By increasing productivity in the business, it helps with decreasing the costs of operation which eventually leads to the increase of profits. Enterprise-level apps are developed particularly to cater to the needs of an organisation and are only accessible by the personnel of the organisation. Enterprise app development is internal facing and is built for internal reasons. Enterprise app development emphasises on maximising performance while reducing costs.

Does it help?

SleekDigital offers custom app development solutions, suited to each and every individual company’s needs.

In today’s business world, many businesses are moving towards developing their own apps to automate and computerise their operation process and business data. Enterprise app development are known to be complex and specific to be deployed on a range of platform such as corporate servers, Internet or Intranets. As enterprise app development is used for an organisation’s purpose, they are usually data-centric and must meet rigid regulations for security, administration and maintenance.

How does it work?

We will study your business process and find the pain points where we can use tech to improve on. We mainly look for manual work that can be digitalised into a website or an app. We also look out for the inconvenient usage of Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets as those data apps can be made seamless and quicker with an app.

When a corporation has an internal purpose to fulfill, they may develop such an app to simplify the process by reducing time, effort and cost needed. An example would be a staff management app. Instead of the HR department having to print out payslip and replying to all staff, all these information could be posted in the app or a website. Each staff can log on to view their personal information. This way, the HR department would be able to convert their time into doing productive work.


1) Reduce time, cost and error is one of the few benefits of having an enterprise web developed in the long-run.

2) An Enterprise-level app allows the mobile app to be accessed anywhere at anytime. Say, you have partners working around the world with different time zones, they can access the mobile app anytime to get certain tasks done.

As enterprise app development evolves, old development methods will not address the needs of the modern businesses. Soon, those who keep up with ever changing development trends will have an advantage over those who do not.