List of software development services companies in Singapore that offer M-Commerce

Published 12/22/2021, 1:08:00 PM App Development Company

Times changing, and so our usual retailers. All of them are transforming towards M-Commerce because it has a better customer experience than physical commerce or even E-commerce on websites. If you are a store and looking to have your own M-commerce, you might need assistance from the software development services companies in your area.

We have listed some of the top-rated software development services companies in Singapore which specialized in offering M-Commerce development solutions.


SleekDigital is regarded as a leader in next-generation mobile app development services in Singapore.

With over 5 years of experience working in multiple projects, they have gained experience and expertise to provide M-Commerce development along with other solutions such as Enterprise app development, Startup app development, IoT apps development, and Web app development.

Talking about other software solutions besides M-Commerce and mobile app in general, SleekDigital is a comprehensive solution that provides services in the domain of website development, marketing, UI/UX design, and even artificial intelligence.


With over 10 years of experience, Swag Soft has made it quite evident that they are regarded as one of the best software development services companies in Singapore for M-commerce.

With a brand name like Samsung, Toyota, and BMW, Swag Soft has worked with some big names all over the world.

Their other services include next-generation solutions that include app development, game development, enterprise app development, Augmented and virtual reality app development.

From fintech to the health sector, Swag Soft has managed to provide solutions of various capacities so that their client can get really satisfied with their overall services.

Web Crayons Biz

Web Crayons Biz has made its name by providing a holistic approach to clients’ needs because if you want to go digital, you need more than an E-commerce app.

Web Crayons Biz is regarded as one of the top software development services companies because of its expertise in the digitization of any business. Some of the services provided by them include graphics designing, App development, and Digital marketing.

Talking about industries that they have served through their digitization includes, training, tour & travels, medical, entertainment, Law & order, personal care, and Government to include a few.

Top 10 List of Software Companies in Singapore

Systematix Infotech

The time now for software development services companies is to offer a comprehensive solution to clients that need to make their store become online.

Systematix Infotech has all the means and methods to ensure that clients get all that they need regarding their requirements to go digital. Some of the services provided by Systematix Infotech include Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Mobile apps, Web development, Digital marketing, Data Sciences, enterprise development, IoT, CMS Solutions, and General software development.

Some of the trending solutions that are provided by Systematix Infotech include car wash applications, food delivery apps, taxi app, online medicine delivery app, and M-commerce.

Affle Enterprise

Businesses are looking to stay ahead in these advanced times when it comes to the digitization of their retail business. Affle Enterprise understands this more than anyone else as every service offered by them is aligned to offer the best level of solution that businesses need.

Talking about M-commerce, Affle enterprise has a great deal of experience working on this domain as their several case studies speak louder than words.

Some of their other services included Digital consultation, UI/UX services, iOS, Android, React Native, Web dev, QA services, and cloud services.

As for ready-made products offered by Affle Enterprise, they provide off-the-shelf solutions in e-learning, insurance automation, digital commerce, and survey platform.

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Tigren E-commerce Solutions

As the name suggests in their business name, Tigren e-Commerce solutions are regarded to offer Magento CMS-based commerce solutions but now they have enhanced themselves to provide M-commerce as well.

Talking about the services, Tigren E-commerce solutions include eCommerce website development, Magento web development, Magento mobile app development, support, website design, and performance optimization.

Tvisha Technologies

Over time, various software development services companies have aligned themselves to provide what customers are after. Some of the ones have been gaining experience so that work provided by them is of the highest order.

Tvisha Technologies is one of such software development services companies which provide M-commerce solutions to clients.

Their other services include app development, web development, design, and cloud services.