Every long-term project must follow a roadmap, which has a clear understanding of all team responsibilities. As for a app development company, the architecture is quite important so that app development follows proper patterns and techniques which dictates how the app is completed on time.

In this article, we will explain different types of architecture followed by a high-rated app development company in Singapore.

Types of app architecture

It’s the choice of every app development company to choose a particular app architecture that will help them create new software promptly.

The strategies, goals, and attributes set by the business must also come into consideration since every architecture posses a set of rules which every company should follow.

Hence, to assist our readers, we have listed some of the popular app architecture that top-rated app development company follows.

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Layered or N-tier architecture

N-tier or layered architecture is quite commonly adopted for enterprise apps including legacy apps.

The concept of layered architecture is that several layers are arranged over the top of others that make up of application.

In most apps, there are usually 3 layers that can be increased further based on the complexity of the app.

Monolithic architecture

In monolithic architecture, all of the stacks are usually applied to a single application. These include functionalities for both interactive and services.

The major implication for this type of architecture is during updating and maintenance apps. Even a single line of code needs a complete release of the new app.

To fix this issue about the release, a more advanced type of architecture is considered to be the replacement so that quick updates and releases are possible.

Microservice architecture

As the name suggests, microservice architecture involves both architectures as well as the code writing process.

Microservice indicates that every part of the app is separately connected so that one is not dependent on the other.

They are loosely coupled and help ensure that software that uses this type of architecture produces a result in faster-paced.

Another benefit of using Microservice is that any part of software if not working correctly, doesn’t impact the complete app, and is easy to detect for fixing it. It also saves time in resolving the issue for good.

Event-driven architecture

Event-driven architecture is completely different from the usual request-driven architecture. Here the outcome of the system is dependent on the various events on the core level, which includes capture, processing, communication, and persistence.

In conceptualize manner, the event-driven architecture is made up of event producers and event consumers. When the even it received through any module, only then the process starts. The event consumer doesn’t know what the input is going to be.

This sort of architecture is quite effective for modern, distribution application architecture which depends on multiple input sources.

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Service-oriented architecture

Similar to Service-oriented architecture, it also works in a distributed manner, although the main difference is in the domain of communication through Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

Some of the real-life examples of using Service-oriented architecture include SOAP, ActiveMQ, or Apache Thrift.

Service-oriented architecture is more suited for a front-end application to add value for business and customers.

Benefits of choosing the right app architecture

App development requires various parts that need to be built simultaneously and work in a seamless way among others.

These parts must follow in tandem through proper checks and balances so that minimum time, cost, and error fixing is ensured.

Choosing the right app architecture ensures that your mobile app development phase is effective, controlled, and above all feasible even if working among various teams.

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