List of tech stack followed by web & mobile app development company

Published 1/13/2022, 12:55:00 PM Mobile App Development

Companies prefer to follow as per tech stack. Technology stack is various tools and software which are combined to create software. Most web & mobile app development company are always on the lookout to expand their tech stack options so that clients looking for any particular stack can land at them.

We have listed some of the leading tech stacks which are followed by web & mobile app development company in many regions.


LAMP is a tech stack that goes as old as the website itself. It contains the following technologies.





This tech stack is regarded as the default for website development, mostly custom development. Almost all web & mobile app development company has the LAMP tech stack covered.

Although there is a wide range of developers fully versed with the LAMP stack, the demand is still there in the market for newer ones who have a better grasp of this technology as a whole.


With Microsoft-based software popularity, especially Windows operating system, ASP.NET is a must-learn language if we are looking to create desktop apps.

Not just for desktop applications but ASP.NET can be used to create a website, mobile apps, and server-side programming.

.NET is a tech stack that contains the following technologies under their radar.




SQL Server

Microsoft Azure

.NET applications are really popular among developing communities which keeps adding various support and extension for other technologies as well, such as MySQL and PostgreSQL.

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Talking about the trending tech stack which is being followed by web & mobile app development company, MEAN is getting a high valuation through its consistent support.

And as all of these technologies uses JavaScript, it makes things simpler yet powerful at the same time.

Following technologies are included within the tech stack of MEAN.





The backend and frontend which make up all the apps in existing can be created through JavaScript with JSON format communicating between each other through HTTP requests.


Similar to MEAN, MEVN has all the technologies powered by JavaScript with an exception of Vue.js as a front-end solution.

The front end needs to be more colorful, robust, and above all performance-centric to make it work among the masses.

Various web & mobile app development company opt for JavacScript based tech stack and among which MEVN is one of them.


The web apps are becoming a substitute for mobile apps, but better, since they can take up extra screen size, more processing power, and above all security that you need.

All the magic happens in the backend and for which you have JavaScript playing its part to complete the picture excellently.

MERN tech stack includes Reactjs which is developed by top brass developers in Facebook and maintained by them as well. Hence you can expect why MERN is gaining popularity with each passing day.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby programming language is a robust technology that uses HTML and CSS for the front end while JSON and XML for server-client communication.

RoR has power when it comes to its large array of libraries. Whether it’s simple to function or advanced, most of the time you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and simply use a lightweight library that comes with the package.

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Tech stack doesn’t usually include many technologies but single technology which cannot be replaced in near future.

With machine learning and data science gaining momentum, Python is a tech stack rapidly getting under the radar of various web & mobile app development company that is increasing their portfolio.

Back in the day, python was used inside the Django framework, used to create dynamic websites.


If there’s one language that is regarded as the king of all others in Java. It uses its compiler and machine that is made from the programming language on which it’s based, JVM.

Java is being used by many large organizations looking to improve their security, need software to be highly scalable and also fast at the same time.

Some of the tech stacks used by Java is below





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