Web App Development

Web Application Development (Web-App) is the development of a software that uses the browser to accomplish tasks.

Webapps essentially are websites that are functional and have databases and more functionalities than a regular corporate website.

Most ERPs and Startups start from a web app

Web-Apps that you may be familiar with includes webmail, online auctions, social media and instant messaging.

What is the difference between a website and a web-app? The difference is subjective but a website is usually informative while a web-app is meant to be interactive with its different functionalities. Basically, a web-app is one that users can control. For example, Wikipedia is a website and Facebook or Twitter is a web app.

Benefits of Web-Apps

1) Web app development allows accessibility to a range of devices such as PDAs, mobile phones, desktops, tablets, Ipads etc. Up to date information will always be at the fingertips of users due to the ability to receive and interact with the information on the different devices be it iOS or android devices.

2) Web app development bring about simple and less hassle installation and maintenance. Whenever a new version or update is installed on the host server, all users will be able to access the upgraded version without having to update anything. All users will be viewing the exact version, eliminating any problems associated with incompatibility.

3) Web app development is also cost effective as it is delivered through the Internet on a web browser. The application only needs to be developed on one single operating system hence leading to easier development and troubleshooting.

How do we get started with a webapp?
In a webapp, there should be a feature or two that solves a core problem that you or your users are facing.
The best way to approach this would be to develop a simple webapp with the core features in place and test out if users are using them.