Which programming languages the best app developers should follow in 2022?

Published 1/13/2022, 12:59:00 PM App Developer

One of the best things about technology is that it keeps improving and with software development tools, we have programming language and support provided by them. With the same topic, let’s see what programming language the best app developers will be using in 2022.?

The main reason for this article is to highlight top-rated programming languages in 2022 which are in great demand and learning them will open doors for real success.


If anyone has a bit understanding of programming languages, they definitely might have heard about JavaScript.

Back in 2000, there was simple JavaScript was used in building websites. But today, it’s used in both web applications, and mobile applications both.

The best thing about JavaScript is its framework, which makes things easier for developers. Not only that but the best app developers offers a lot of support, which helps new developers to quick their concept in multiple ways.


With BigData, Data analysis, and other forms of complex data algorithms, we need a simple yet powerful programming language to solve complex mathematics in record time.

Python is the number one choice for the best app developers especially if they are working in large data algorithms.

Python is regarded as the most easily understood programming language, and for the same reason, it’s popular among high school students picking up python in the early stages of their education.

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Java is one of the oldest and most popular programming languages in the world. It’s a powerhouse for every type of application, whether it’s building secure applications or building apps in Android.

Java is used in any device because it has its compiler and doesn’t rely on third-party solutions. Most of the web servers already support Java, so if you are looking to stick to a single programming language for your entire career, Java will remain with you as well as regard it as one of the languages in demand.


There are various types of programming tools used by the best app developers. Some are object-oriented while others are procedural, but Kotlin is both object-oriented and functional as well.

Kotlin uses JVM or Java Virtual Machine which means all the libraries powered by Java can be used by Kotlin. Not only that, but it can offer various other forms of benefits as off-the-shelf solutions.

Most of the Java and Android projects can be built using Kotlin and since Android is regarded as the most popular platform, Kotlin is surely considered one of the great choices of the best app developers.


PHP is the most used programming language and because of this the best app developers often opt for their careers.

There are plenty of frameworks that are built with PHP, so having a strong grasp of PHP will take you a long way.

Especially in the year 2022, PHP will be the right tool plus there’s a lot of support for this language within the developer community.


With hardware intrinsic work, you need a low-level language that is both powerful is easier to code. C is the right answer.

Whether you are going to be an embedded developer or want to develop high-end graphics software for the multi-billion dollar gaming industry, C programming language is the only programming language you’ll be needed.

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If you have forgotten about the most important programming language to be used to build mobile apps, we are mentioning now, it’s Swift.

Although it uses Objective C, Swift is easier and clearer than that. To build iOS apps, you would need Swift within your portfolio so it’s a great programming language choice for the best app developers.


Windows prefers C# for their desktop apps, so does other high-end software such as ASP.net and Unity engine.

C# is an object-oriented language and can help the best app developers to get the most out of their career if they keep improving their C# skills over the years.


Google has entered into the new tools by introducing Dart. It’s a language that flutter uses, a highly scale-able framework for hybrid mobile apps. 2022 is the best year to have this tool get introduced and improved subsequently becoming one of the best app developers in your domain.

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