How does software and app development company provide estimation of projects?

Published 12/10/2021, 1:33:00 PM Software Development

The first thing you will be asking from a software and app development company is to provide project estimation.

Although many factors play on fluctuating cost for the project estimation by various businesses.

We have listed some of the top factors which affect the project estimation provided by software and app development companies.


In the world of software development, you will have an option to build software on any particular technology stack.

Whether it’s web or app, every module has its technology option to go, with its own set of pros and cons.

Talking about which technology and which is better is above the scope of our article, but most technology has different costs around them. Then there are popular apps whose apps are most built for business, the cost of that is within the optimal margin.

Team structure and your location

There is various type of business model which has their own set of costs. The startup, for example, comes under a low-cost bracket when compared to a large organization with decades of experience under its belt.

Location is also something to be varied off when asking for project estimation from software and app development companies.

The variable of location comes into play when you outsource the world to offshore software and app development companies.

The exchange rate comes under effect which makes the cost of your project to the lower side when opting with lower rate places for your development needs.

App maintenance

Building the app alone is most of the people’s requirement, but if you are looking to sustain your idea in the first place, you need to hire a software and app development company for the long term.

The maintenance of your app is an important element that adds a lot of numbers into the estimation for your project.

Maintenance of the app shows that you are keeping the services of software and app development companies even after they have created the app, only to support you and fix issues when arise.


Let’s talk a bit about mobile app development and factor deciding the cost for it. Two separate platforms play here in altering the cost in the first place.

If you are looking to increase your penetration and more visibility for your brand through the app, having targeted both platforms is something of a common practice.

All those businesses choosing two platforms for their app development needs have to see the added cost for their initial project estimation.

3rd party services

When your project has a feature that can be applied through 3rd party service, you need to pay these parties extra.

Mentioning this in the estimation is something you can expect from professional software and app development companies.

The bigger your app becomes, the more 3rd party integration will be used, either on the frontend or backend. There are some 3rd party API that charges either as subscription or onetime, hence estimation could be increased as a recurring one.

Design complexities

Most of the software has a complex design, usually in the domain of UI/UX. This is something that needs to be taken into consideration when creating estimations from software and app development company.

The complex design is something that could be added to make your app more appealing to the audience.

Then there are designs within the business logic, which is not viewable by the customer but makes the overall performance of your app greater. Both of these elements will add cost.


We have talked about various elements that add up the cost to your overall project estimation, but we left the one obvious one for the last, the number of features.

Talk it into this way, having a 3 screen app that only uses has a to-do list, cost less when developing.

But when you add the feature of syncing your to-do list to a server to save it on the cloud, the feature increases and so is the cost. The software and app development company will take every element into account when proposing you the cost estimation.

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