“Develop and Hope” Is Not a Mobile App Development Strategy

Published 11/16/2022, 8:10:53 AM Mobile App Development

The Mobile App Development Company that Delivers Results

The modern world of app developers and app development agencies is complex business.

You can’t just write some codes, compile a mobile app build and upload to the app stores and hope hard that downloads come. You can’t wait and share on your social media with 50 follows and expect your app to go viral.

You need a legitimate plan.

You need a growth strategy crafted to gaining the initial traction and subsequent growth.

You need the right monetisation strategy.

You need an app marketing strategy that will propel your user base to the next level.

You need user re-activation strategies to ensure that users who download your app for the first time do not delete the app down the road.

You need SleekDigital.

SleekDigital is a full-service mobile app development agency focused on optimising user adoption and user growth.

Here’s what we do…

“Develop and Hope” is Not a Mobile App Development Strategy.

At SleekDigital, you won’t get a bunch of IT guys that are asking you only technical questions.

We also instil business and marketing expertise in our app developer teams to ensure that they are also in line with the growth of the app.

The main question: What is your business goal? Why are you investing in mobile app development?

Our goal is not just to develop a mobile app that looks great or goes viral for a month. It is to drive true business growth for your company or startup.

With that in mind, we scrutinise. Based on decades of combined years of experience in our app developers, our team break downs your mobile app idea, inject ideas and features tailored for growth, and proposed a strong marketing plan for your app.

Then, we build a roadmap. Based on an end goal in mind, we create a mix of different strategies to help us achieve that outcome.

Every feature, every button, every colour, every section of the app serves a purpose.

Mobile App Development That Drives Scalable Growth

When everything veers towards a common goal, magical things happen.

However, build an awesome mobile app is just the starting point.

For every client, we are not just creating a list of features that we can add so that we can charge more. Rather, we are creating a journey to successful growth in the app. This means achieving your business goals that truly matter.

Our app developers go way beyond writing code and hitting “Publish” in the app stores.

In fact, we view growth as an asset, as a competitive advantage. Mobile apps that people love to use and share with their peers is a successful mobile app.

It also empowers opportunities for PR, influencer attention, more monetisation opportunities, and all of these tips the scale toward success.

This is why SleekDigital is different from most app developers.

We know that developing an app, while might be fun and games, is not the true goal. It’s just a means to the end.

Our mobile app development strategy is focused on helping you achieve your intrinsic business goals, using the app developers to make it happen.

Here’s the thing, though.

You can’t just hire a team of app developers to your budget and call it developing a mobile app. If you really want SUCCESS, you need a full-fledge service provider who can understand not only how to develop the best mobile app, but how to build a scalable app strategy, how to execute marketing, and how to measure success.

This is why we are offering full-suite services including marketing, growth consulting, and also app development services for every client engagement.

Our team works together with your marketing team to handle every element of the mobile app development process from end to end.

We can help you “settle” (almost) everything.

This means that while we are helping you develop and grow your mobile app towards success, you can focus n building other parts of your business.

Scope of Work

  • User Interface / User Experience Design (UX/UX design)
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Development
  • Admin Panel Development
  • API Development
  • UAT and Bug fixing
  • App Deployment
  • App Maintenance
  • App Marketing
  • App Consulting

We can work in collaboration with your existing technology or marketing team, providing you with a single point of contact.

Finding the right app developer

Cheap app developers, outsourced app developers, freelance app developers, templated app developers, low-code platforms and off-the-shelves app solutions.

There’s an outrageous amount of app developers that are offering these app development services.

But cheap, fast and easy is not our game.

We are not in the business to promise the sky but deliver nothing. Our motto is straightforward; we strive to understand your business goals and work together to effectively achieve or exceed those goals.

It is really that simple.

We work and operate to SleekDigital’s values and visions. We do what is right for us and our clients.

If we are not the right feed to build your app, we will be upfront.

We Could Be a Fit

  • If you are looking for a long term mobile app development company that can help you grow your app with marketing and growth
  • If you are also willing to invest in high-quality app developers
  • If you have the funding or budget for a long-term partnership
  • If you need a digital agency to push your idea forward with app developers, marketers, and strategists, from planning to design to development to deployment.

We’re Probably Not a Fit

  • If you want quick templated apps
  • If you want low-quality, cheap, unreliable services
  • If you are looking for high-quality mobile apps with a low budget

Do we seem like a good fit for your business growth? Let’s chat and discuss how we can work together to make your business grow.