Reasons of higher cost for enterprise custom apps development

Published 1/13/2022, 12:57:00 PM App Development Company

Custom apps development cost is high and if someone told you to make a cheap one with everything you need, they most possibly a scam or will leave you midway.

But if you are aiming to develop an enterprise app, the cost will even be higher. Based on development cost for the US region, a small app might cost you around $50,000 but the enterprise will be $100,000+ which might end up to more based on functionalities.

We have listed some of the factors which explain the reasoning behind higher costs for custom apps developed especially for the enterprise.

Support for multiple platforms

custom apps development for enterprises requires more support than ordinary, meaning you need separate support for either platform.

Namely Android and iOS both will take a lot of time in development than maintenance. Usually enterprise apps scale over time, so working on both platforms will surely add a lot of cost for your developing work.

Mostly the company that is providing development solutions will also offer support or assist in hiring a dedicated team for enterprise to manage the regular support for the client if their user base is quite big.

High demand for app developers

The cost of the custom apps development also goes up based on the selected tech stack. If there is a need for advanced features in the app, having an experienced developer is the right call.

In any software development company, an experienced developer is usually a team lead, who is responsible to handle a team of developers.

Sometimes there is a need for experts to develop apps directly. For that requirement, the cost for hiring them will be quite expensive, which automatically carries up to the total development cost for the enterprise.

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The requirement to add Next-gen features

During custom apps development, there might be a lot of work needed based on the requirement of apps.

As technology improves over time, the complexity to implement them increases exponentially. Additional developing hours will be utilized in case of adding the next-gen features.

On some occasions, we need additional hardware to implement a feature and all of which will add up the cost for your enterprise custom apps development.

Different rates per region

There’s a trend to hire an offshore team for custom apps development only because you can get a complete solution in half of the cost.

For example, the North American region and the UK have the highest code for developing a mobile app when compared to Eastern Europe and India.

But there is also an observation that advance economies with high-cost rates have a more refined quality of work which is mostly regarded as a trendsetter in the technology world.

Backend security

Enterprise and large organizations have a lot of sensitive data on their server. To access that data and provide it to an app, you need a secure backend.

It’s up to the custom apps development to create required solutions including proper hardware, infrastructure, or even dedicated support only to ensure that requirement of the organization is met properly.

Fewer experienced developers

There’s a large pool of developers coming out from colleges or learning by themselves each year. With this pool, companies are still in the search of experienced developers who knows about technology more than anyone else within an organization.

This level of skill needs time, and a lot of hands-on experience, which is valuable. If a company that provides custom apps development has hired experienced developers, they will charge for apps a lot higher when compared to a company with amateur developers working under their firm.

Cost on app repairs and maintenance

Talking about the added cost, there’s something most clients forget to foresee during initial cost evaluation for custom apps development, and its cost for maintenance and app repairs.

In most cases, this cost takes around 10% of the total app cost, and if there are additional updates for the app, that cost will be separate.

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No one can deny the fact that the cost for custom apps development is high. Hence the best course for action for clients is to find cost-effective companies rather than cheap app development companies.

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