Quick guide for cost breakdown for app development in Singapore

Published 11/10/2021, 1:46:00 PM Mobile App Development

Many clients complain that the overall cost of app development in Singapore is always higher than what’s advertised on various developer sites. The added cost always comes in based on how many features are added. We’re here to clear the air once and for all by talking about cost breakdown for app development.

The way costing for app development is done is purely on hours spend as well as features added to your app. These two can be further divided between the following elements.

App functionality and purpose

Ask the most simple question before committing to an app development company, What this app will be doing for the users?

Whether it’s made for eCommerce, an app to connect people in the social spectrum, or aim to handle as a communication channel among an organization, simply the app’s purpose will be enough to give you a basic quote about the cost.

Some app requires basic features which will cost low while some require a lot of features with added hours or development work. That will charge a lot more.

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Mobile platforms/Device support

An app sometimes needs to run on various platforms, namely iOS and Android. Development on both platforms is possible with added cost.

Similarly, some businesses want to have their app supported on previous versions of devices as well. Maybe with 3G data support. All of these will have added costs only because more manpower hours will be needed to create the app in the first place.

Many apps in the market will have a cost breakdown for app development based on platform and functionality only. Below cost factors are regarded as more customized.

Development approach

Development for an app revolves around programming technology. Either it’s a native hybrid or both.

If you are looking to have a native app developed, that means you hire two developers to work on two platforms namely iOS and Android.

Also, other development tools are more flexible than others, hence learning about the tech stack from a software company helps clients about how much a project will cost you depending on time requirements on the app development.

Back-end infrastructure

A good mobile app requires a secure and well-prepared backend as well. The backend has all the business logic including database, security layer, and above all, sensitive user information.

The last thing you need is to get your backend being compromised and losing all the sensitive information in the process.

For added infrastructure for your backend, which means you’ll be secure from a variety of unfortunate events, will cost you more.

3rd party Integration

Most of the programming work will be done natively, but then there will be some feature will app has to use from outside, more commonly known as 3rd party integration.

Adding this integration is not much time consuming, but some of which are bought either through one-time cost, subscription-based on cost increases based on your requirement.

Most of the 3rd parties are paid hence the total cost breakdown for app development will naturally be increased.

UX/UI designs

A good-looking mobile app needs an experienced UI/UX designer on the job. They will not only provide graphics but also keep supporting the developer throughout the project.

Including images, videos, animation, styling and much more will be put an extra cost on your overall project value.

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Graphical content

In some large organizations, UI/UX and designer work separately. The role of UX/UI is more of research and brainstorming, while the graphics designer will be responsible for providing you with actual graphics that you can use in your app.

A graphic designer will be continuously engaging with you as they will keep providing graphics every step of the way of app development.

Smartphone hardware feature

Your mobile is equipped with certain peripherals such as a camera, GPS, gyroscope, and motion sensor to name a few.

Using these hardware features of your smartphone improves the overall app experience but it comes with extra cost naturally.

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