How professionals are hired in mobile app development company in Singapore?

Published 10/28/2021, 2:00:00 PM App Development Company

What makes an ordinary company mobile app development company in Singapore? The developers that work in it.

The better a developer is, the better the quality of a particular mobile app development company in Singapore becomes.

We are here to shed some light on the process for hiring that big mobile app development company in Singapore takes.

Hired per need basis

First and foremost, it’s important to understand why a company finds the need to hire a developer in the first place.

Every hiring done in a mobile app development company in Singapore or any other company for that matter depends on a need basis.

For developers, there are multiple requirements for which executives decide to create a skill require through any job advertisement channel, preferably indeed or glassdoor.

The company adds as many details as possible in their job advertisement that gives the idea about nature of developer required including required experience, skills and other attributes like language.

Review applications

Every job advertisement has a validity date in between which job seekers can send their applications.

Most commonly cover letter and resume are required for the human resource department to pick the right candidate.

The resume only helps them to understand where they have worked, projects they have made, skills they possess over time.

Depending on the demand and availability of required skills, there will be few to hundreds of applications for any particular job.

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Initial screening

After shortlisting candidates from the ones that lie under a company’s requirements, they will then engage in the initial screening process.

Basically, in the initial screening, they might contact the developers through email or direct phone calls.

The bigger the company is, the more steps in the screen have. For a large organization, the first drop preferred scheduling of a video conference.

Through that, they will have a basic understanding of their skills, expertise, and aspirations. Sometimes, a call to learn about their current employment, scheduling interview time, or years of experience on a particular technology.


Interviews are the most important element for a mobile app development company in Singapore to judge potential candidates from mediocre ones.

Everyone who appears in an interview means the candidate is willing to switch their employer to a news organization.

The organization might conduct one or several interviews to better learn about the ability of a person.

The first interview is usually held as a one-on-one meeting. Here, HR learns about their experience, salary expectation, and other HR things. This is usually taken as a formality and doesn’t help in determining the ability of an individual.

Follow-up interviews can be with various sectors within the company, including management, executives, staff, and senior-level developers.

When it comes to hiring a developer, an interview includes a written test as well, which helps them to screen a candidate much better.

Senior developers might ask them about solving algorithms as well as judge approaches taken by these developers.

The number of the interview could be from one to several, depending on the size of the mobile app development company in Singapore.

Assessment of applicants

This interview process is time-bound but depending on the particular set of skills, it keeps on happening until they find the candidate that matches their criteria.

Assessment of applicants is a stage where all the initial screening, detailed test, and thorough interview has given them various insight on every individual.

They then make an executive-level decision on selecting a candidate. They might call the shortlisted applicant for one final interview which might include some executive-level questions to better understand their level of understanding on switching of a company.

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Reference check

A reference check is an optional stage but various companies also consider this as a weighing element of how much truth is located within their claims during the interview.

They ask their previous employers about business ethics, behavior, and expertise in their domain.

On-boarding to the development team

Once preferred individual lands on the particular criteria of a mobile app development company in Singapore, they are hired through a job offer letter.

These developers will then start working for clients on various applications depending on their roles.

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