A customer needs to learn about the cost element before committing to anything new, the same can be said for developing enterprise mobile app development in Singapore.

We find it important to list down some of the important factors which play in defining the cost of enterprise mobile app development in Singapore.

The price range of enterprise mobile app development in Singapore

Like anything else in the market, the app development is also categorized as basic, mid, and expert quality with different costs.

For the same reason, we have listed down the cost of app development as per the categories.

Starting price

The most basic app development costs around $8,000. This can also be regarded as starting price.

In this cost, the things include are development cost along with deployment. Usually, a basic app doesn’t need Web Services API and advanced graphic designs.

Custom apps

The custom app includes how a customer looking for their app to perform. That means there’s particularly more time required in requirement gathering and working on technical specs requirements.

The development starts until the customers have approved the proposal including design, wireframes, and features list to be included.

For custom app development, the cost varies, but it starts from $20,000.

High-end enterprise apps

Let’s talk a bit about an app which cost can go around $100,000 due to the hefty amount of features included in the app along with custom-made API web services.

These apps vary broad and need a dedicated IT team to manage, release new versions, and keep a lively eco-system. The entire cost for developing and handling an app gets into thousands of dollars.

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Difference price per region

The app development varies up to the development team located within a particular region. For example, the app development team in Europe will cost more than the development team from Bangladesh.

As for app development, the app work is done through an outsourcing team, which makes the overall cost to a minimum without reducing the quality of the app.

Factors that include the cost of enterprise mobile app development in Singapore

As we have mentioned above, the features are the driving factor in the change of cost for app development.

Because of the added features, the cost will go up or down if we remove them. Let’s learn a bit about features that are quite common to increase the cost of app development.

Multiple Platform

In-app development, there are two big platforms, namely iOS and Android. Both have millions of users and business which are looking to get more reachability would like their app to be run on both platforms.

For that, an app development cost increases if the client is looking to develop an app on both platforms. In general terms, the app developer needs to develop both apps separately which not just increases time but also cost.

Although with the introduction of hybrid technology, a single code base could work for both platforms which save time and money.

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Backend API

An app that communicates from a server requires Web services to be developed separately. The database only understands server-side programming, which adds more complexity to the Enterprise mobile app development in Singapore.

Backend API and how much is needed to be build will add cost for the app. These API then needs to be tested and run on various stages. There is also a solution that offers the shelf solution for API, which saves a bit of cost and a lot of time.


Some apps particularly entertainment apps require animation, which is worked within the design department.

This animation requires the expert animator to hand draw the animation and test on the various device so that the animation works without any trouble. Some technical aspect is also included inside running animation without disrupting the performance of the app which increases the overall cost of the Enterprise mobile app development in Singapore.

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