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Here's a brief introduction about our agency, SleekDigital.

Who are we?

Hi there, we are SleekDigital, a Singapore digital agency specialising in UI/UX design, app development, web development, content marketing and SEO. We are run by a lean team of designers, developers, project leads and thinkers who are excited to bring your ideas to reality since 2017. Our agency is started by Lester Law 😎, who builds products after-hours from SleekDigital.

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We love building products

Our mission is to to design and develop profitable and valuable digital products (apps and web). Our long term vision is to build products that make the world simpler and better for everyone. We want and love changing the world with our expertise in Creatives // Codes // Content.

Our approach

At SleekDigital, users are the core of every digital product. Therefore, we should be putting users at the core of every project from the getgo. User-centred design and research is how we approach designing for our projects.

During development, we believe in using the best stacks possible for performance, marketability, user experience, security and developer experience. We are always on the lookout for better tech to adopt, that's why our products are always of the highest-quality.

What makes us different?

We build products for ourselves and not just for our clients. By constantly experimenting and learning new tactics and strategies, we can provide better suggestions and impact to our clients.