Custom Software for Renovation Companies

Published 7/9/2024, 7:39:19 AM β€’ Custom Software Development

The renovation industry is booming in Singapore, and SleekDigital is here to help these companies streamline their processes to be more efficient and also to improve customer service.

While we have helped numerous interior design and renovation companies improve their processes with custom software, it is still important to note that every company has a different process.

The features suggested below are what most companies require. The actual flow of the custom software varies from companies to companies. There are notable differences in the processes such as project management, design and also accounting practices.

Let's explore the top features that has served interior design and renovation companies well over our last few projects:

Project Status Update

Renovation and interior design usually causes strong anxiety among clients. Most projects are of upmost importance to the clients as it will be their homes for years to come. Many projects also are really costly.

Therefore, it's important to consistently keep clients updated on the status of the renovation. Clients will usually start asking about the status every few days or week. With a project status update portal in place, it is really easy for clients to have a birds eye view on the project.

This improves customer satisfaction with a simple piece of software. Moreover, it's great customer experience on the client side. Who knows, because this is deemed as great customer service, they might refer to their friends just because of this feature that you have in place.

However, it's important to note that you would have to train your team members to operate these custom software so as to provide a seamless experience for all the stakeholders.

Do remember to include images, short write up about the update, and also the timestamp of the update.

At times, you can also add in features to remind your team members to send an update to the client every week.

If that's still something that you don't prefer, you can also set automated email/notifications that are sent at a fixed time.

Depending on the process of the company, we can customise the software to exactly the process required.

Communication Channel

Most of the time, communication comes through WhatsApp or Email for renovation companies. However, this is rather inefficient. By using emails, the experience of the client would not be ideal as they are tied to a long email chain. In WhatsApp, it's hard for your internal team to manage as there might be too many groups to handle and you might miss out items.

Therefore, we suggest creating a dedicated chat in the mobile app or custom software of the company. This can be used on both desktop or mobiles on both client side or company side.

It's good that you are able to get latest notifications from clients from the dedicated channels.

Moreover, you are able to get a more integrated experience by integrating with other business functions within the mobile app or custom software. For example, you are able to share a project timeline directly from the database to the clients with a simple button.

Defect reporting

One important feature that some companies adopt is to allow customers to report defects. Whenever the customer or foreman reports a defect, it notifies the appropriate parties and creates a todo for the party.

When the job is completed, the appropriate parties are also being notified.

Some companies prefer having an approval workflow before the client is notified of the rectification. This is to ensure that the job is completed properly before submitting to the client.

At times, we also allow users to take a picture of the defect or the fix so that the work can be tracked.


Finance modules can also be integrated in the app. For example, when a milestone is hit and it is time to invoice a client, this can all be generated automatically without having to manually pull out information.

This streamlines the process of the company and saves the time of the employees.

Moreover, this shows that the company has processes in place, which gives the impression that the company is experienced and knows what they are doing.

Aside from invoices, the custom software can also be used to generate quotations and proposals for clients. This can allow you to generate more quotations for your clients.

Internal HR Systems

Aside from client-facing systems, this custom software can also be used to manage internal processes. For example, you can use this system to take attendance of staff based on their work sites.

You can allow location-based attendance systems so that you will know exactly what time the staff arrives or leaves the work site. Of course, you will have to abide to PDPA and not allow tracking of location of your staff outside the dedicated areas.

Features such as claim submission, leave applications, and even employee code of conduct handbooks can also be built for you so ease the onboarding process and HR Management.


We hope this gives you an idea of what SleekDigital can build for your interior design or renovation company in terms of custom software. Do note that these custom software are fully customised and can be even converted into a mobile app should you require to do that.

If you would like to see a demo or a proposal, schedule a chat with SleekDigital, Singapore Software Development Company today!