What are the factors depending in outsource app development cost?

Published 12/10/2021, 1:31:00 PM App Development Company

A client when searching for a technology partner must come across a dilemma that haunts him everywhere, it’s simply outsource app development cost.

We are more interested with outsource app development companies because local companies generally are more expensive since the exchange rates come into account with outsourcing one.

Either way, we have created this article to assist our readers about how to find some factors which greatly depend on fluctuating the outsource app development cost.

App function

Whether you have hired a outsource company or a locally based one, the app function seems to be the major variable that depends highly on app development cost.

What to include and features that your app will carry all come into the app function as a whole. Whether it is an eCommerce app, an app with live streaming, or Maps to track a package, many things can be added to this section.

It suffices to say that as your app function increases, so does the outsource app development cost. The relationship is simply directly proportional.

Platform supported

There are two popular platforms in mobile app development which both takes separate effort to develop and build.

Although there’s an option with choosing a hybrid tech stack, which greatly reduces the effort and time to develop for a dual platform, still publishing the app takes effort as well.

The cost will go up if you are developing a mobile app for more than one platform, namely for both Android and iOS.

3rd party integration

The thing about programming is that it can be done fast and effectively or takes time and might cause you a lot of headaches along the way.

Thanks to 3rd party integration, your app could get into much more features that would not be possible to include in record time and effectively as before.

Although this integration comes with added outsource app development cost, hence be prepared for a cost increase depending on how many 3rd party APIs are used in your app.

High-quality visuals

Graphics in your app includes everything, from buttons, background, and even animation in between. Choosing a high-quality designer firm to have your designs ready means you are increasing its development cost as well.

Some visuals will take in more effort from the developers when compared to simple designs done to fill the gaps.

Then there’s animation, which is regarded as the best UI/UX feature for mobile to have, only if it’s made in such a way that it doesn’t hamper the performance of the app. All of these will add to the total outsource app development cost.

Phone hardware

Your phone ships with many hardware features which are core elements to make it a smartphone in the first place.

Camera, gyroscope, geolocation, internet communication, etc are some of the highly popular hardware which can be used with your app when the need arises.

More hardware integration for your app means more time required to debug and apply changes to it. All of this will increase the cost and time for your total app development.

Quality and testing

Your mobile app even when finished must comply with the quality that you require. This is possible through going a checklist over your app from the Quality Assurance team.

The testing performed over your app will require added effort from various teams, such as the tester, project manager, developer, and designer.

If the app is complex which has a front end and back end, it will take more effort for quality and testing, which will add more cost naturally.

Hosting and security

Many mobile apps which take in user-sensitive data needed to be protected effectively so that people can get assured in using the app in the first place.

The hosting option, as well as security within your mobile app through programming, will add many layers of complexity all to provide a much secure app in return. This will make the overall outsource app development cost quite a high amount.

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