List of best custom software development company in Singapore

Published 12/5/2021, 1:44:00 PM Software Development

Finding the best custom software development company might be difficult to achieve since there is a lot of digital company out there.

To make things easier for our readers, we have listed some of the best custom software development companies in Singapore through which you can get the software up and ready with a great level of quality.


SleekDigital has been around in the market of software development for over 5 years and has made a mark in app development solution providers in Singapore.

Although their portfolio includes a lot of other services includes web apps, eCommerce apps, blockchain technology, and digital consultation.

In short, if you require anything related to going digital with your business, SleekDigital is the number one choice to pick.

TechTIQ Solutions

Whether it’s custom software development service, digital transformation, enterprise software development, web and app design, IT Staffing, and much more, TechTIQ Solutions gots your back.

They are working tirelessly to ensure that businesses looking to transform into a digital ecosystem or wanted to get up to date with technology, get what they are after.

Customers who are really into hiring the best custom software development company for the long term should seem to like TechTIQ Solutions quite better.


A business sometimes wants more than just a service, they want an experience as well. As we have explained that there are a lot of software development companies out there, but choosing the one which is best suited for your needs is the real feat. Codigo might be just the right company you are looking for if you want to develop an app project.

The solutions provided by Codigo include UI/UX, digital consultancy, mobile app development, web development, CMS, emerging technology, and staffing.

With every project handled differently, Codigo makes sure that every business’s needs are taken with utmost professionalism because, at the end of the day, businesses want to get the most out of their investment through digital transformation.


Having a solid service is the true service that businesses are looking for. WebSailors are simple in their approach, they offer comprehensive digital transformation to businesses who are looking for improved reachability.

Every business needs more customers, although the time that we are currently passing has more customers attributed towards the digital ecosystem.

That means choosing only the best custom software development company for your needs will make the true difference to ensure that you get the most outcome that is physically possible through digitization.

Systematrix Infotech Pvt ltd

Systematric Infotech makes sure that a business doesn’t have to go elsewhere after they have selected them in the first place.

Talking about various services provided by Systematric Infotech, they are more focused on 4 branches, namely digital transformation service, business technology service, application development service, and digital marketing.

With everything within a single window, whether it’s a startup, an enterprise, or a large multi-million dollar business, their needs will be fulfilled in the best manner possible.

Octal IT Solution

Businesses are looking for one thing from an IT development partner, comprehensibility. Whether they are a startup, they might end up becoming a unicorn and their needs will scale exponentially.

Octal IT Solutions offer all the necessary services which are needed to make a business go digital. Some of their services include mobile app development, web development, software consultation, and Microsoft solution.

One of the best things about Octal IT solutions is that they provide various frameworks under their services so that customers can select the one tech stack with which they are looking to move forward.

Atta Solutions

If there’s one service to look out for from a development company is next-generation technology. There is a lot of solution in this department, such as immersive tech, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analysis, and blockchain technology are a few of the tech which makes headlines now and then.

Atta Solutions is regarded as one of the best custom software development companies in Singapore which offer a top solution in both generic, and next-gen tech.

Whether it’s software development, product marketing, Data Science, and Product strategy and execution, Atta Solutions has something to provide for your business needs.


Business needs are different. For example, a startup with a limited budget wants to provide quality solutions and an excellent marketing strategy to get its name heard.

On the other hand, large enterprises need to follow their standard of quality so that they keep their level of performance in check.

Unicsoft understands this more than anyone else and to ensure that businesses get only what they are after, they have separated their services as per startup and enterprise requirements. Their services include industries from the supply chain, healthcare, fintech, automotive, media, retail, and manufacturing.