Startup App Development / MVP App Development.

What is MVP App Development?

MVP App development stands for Minimum Viable Product app development. MVPs are the first version of a mobile app project.

It is strong for people who are looking to generate ROI with minimal capital. MVP serves to solve ONE key problem. All functionalities in the enterprise system or mobile app that is not towards solving this problem should be removed in the first phase of MVP.

MVP applies to many areas, mostly for both startups and enterprises. MVPs are common in startups, however, people are not aware that MVPs can be used for enterprise solutions as well.

Solving ONE key problem will help to keep costs low so that the platform can scale faster in the future. One way to look at it is like building a skateboard for travel, instead of a wheel of a car, so you can start moving first.

MVP Applications in Enterprises.

Businesses can use MVP to build products that are scalable. We have to define a goal to achieve beforehand. For example, a goal can be to save manpower costs by $10,000 by implementing automation systems. Therefore, we use design thinking processes to come up with a solution that is most effective in saving costs.

After which, we build the MVP, which can either be web-based or app-based. The MVP will be built with simple functionalities so that it can be adopted quickly and KPI can be achieved quickly. This is all part of the agile methodology for software development.

The company can then see the results of the mobile app MVP by measuring what has been done. Usually, we will build an MVP that is easily measurable. From there, we can iterate on the idea of the mobile app, trying to achieve better results by learning on current results.

MVP Applications in Startups.

Startups can also build mobile apps to have a small business. These MVPs serve a different purpose, which is to test and validate the market. Once startup app development is built, the entrepreneurs will have to keep on iterating on the concept to come up with even better functionalities to bring the app forward.

Many startups make a mistake of adding everything into the first version of the app, which is both cost ineffective and tedious for a new user to learn. Therefore, MVP is what we will do in our mobile app consultation for our clients. We will generate an idea for them, proposing a tech roadmap for them to consider.

We will use our resources to escalate the business growth of startups. These resources include the referral of quality vendors that can help startups grow tremendously with the MVP mobile app.

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