Startup/MVP App Development

Start-up app development is suitable for people who are interested in taking the brave leap and creating a company based on an app.

Startups are not a new concept to Singapore. Some examples of such applications are Carousell, Grab, where their business revolves around, in one way or another, a mobile app.

We support disruptive technologies

Since entrepreneurship and startups are becoming a popular phenomenon (66% of people mentioned they wanted or have thought of being a startup founder), we empower these entrepreneurs to disrupt whichever industries they want to victimise. Providing our support and any knowledge we have in the field, we hope that our next client will use our services to build a remarkable company. Then it will be a win win.

Helping startups grow

Start-ups can build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) at a low cost with us to test the market to see if the market has a demand for what the start-up has to offer. With an MVP, entrepreneurs take calculated risk to see if they should bring the business to the next level.

In hopes of also developing future versions of the MVP, or the actual full-blast product, we will provide whatever resources we can to aid the startup push their company to greater heights.