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Kickstart your digital transformation journey with a Custom ERP System that can help you increase revenue, improve customer service and take business automation to the next level.

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What is an ERP System?

ERP stands for Electronic Resource Planning. This is a form of business management software to allow stakeholders of the company to store, manage and interpret data. ERP systems provide a detailed view of core business processes in a common database.

The ERP System is integrated with different facets of the business including business resources tracking, human resource, inventory management and many more. The database is shared across a wide variety of departments.

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Why an ERP?

ERP Systems are the first step towards digital business transformation. By digitalising data that the company has in place, we can start to automate and move processes to digital. You might be asking: Why do I need an ERP System? Or what are the benefits of having an ERP System?

By manipulating data on an integrated level, we are able to do an accurate analysis of the entire business. For example, which are the most popular products that are being sold in the business currently, etc. With the better gathering of data, we are able to analyse the data at a deeper level, providing better data for the managers of the company to make the necessary adaptations to the business.

The software will allow business managers to generate instantaneous reports of the business to analyse and compare the results of different departments. This can include an inventory report, sales reports, employee reports, etc.

The ERP System allows you to access the status of business real-time. This has not been possible until the adoption of cloud technologies. All stakeholders of the company will able to access information such as headcounts, salary, financial data at the tips of their fingers.

For example, and ERP can tell you exactly where you are regrading inventory for you to control your working capital more precisely.

With the integration of ERP, we are able to digitalise many processes. For example, instead of manually generating invoices, the ERP system is strong enough to generate one automatically some parameters. This can help with the productivity of business processes. When properly implemented, ERP systems can greatly reduce or eliminate repetitive processes that were once manual, freeing up time for staff to do other tasks that yield better results.

You might not know this, but ERP systems also include customers in the journey. The ERP system comprises of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that allows you to track the information of your customers. This can include the products that customers have bought, when was the last transaction, what are their buying patterns, etc. 

In some industries, an ERP system can also include a customer portal for them to track the status of their purchases or projects. For example, in construction industries, they are able to go into the portal to view the status of the projects.

When customers have an issue with the project, they can contact the team immediately which improves customer service greatly.

ERP systems can also allow teams to work together and collaborate on different projects. For example, if a company is working on a proposal, ERP can allow them to track the progress of each project, tasks, and even notify customers when the project has been completed. This can help companies collaborate and know the status of each project clearer. 

SleekDigital ERP Development Services

SleekDigital is a web and app development company in Singapore. We are ROI-driven in all our projects and make it our point to ensure that projects developed with SleekDigital yields ROI from it. Alternatively, the projects that we developed with us hit the KPI or goals of the client.

With ERP System in Singapore gaining popularity, we are starting to offer ERP development services. Since ERP development is a complementary skill to mobile app and web development, we are able to build complex ERP systems from scratch. This will ensure that the requirements are suited to the needs of the company. 

By adopting a consultative approach in our technological development, we are able to come up with hypothesis of the companies regarding where we find inefficiencies. This can help us to come up with better solutions in the ERP to help solve issues. Overall, we will set a goal before we accept any projects that we are to try and work towards. For example, we can set a goal to improve productivity by 20% in all departments. We then build the ERP accordingly.

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Seasoned Developers

Our team comprises of highly knowledgeable engineers who are seasoned in developing both iOS and Android Apps. We pride ourselves in being able to deploy swift apps that bridge the technological gaps for businesses.

Lean Company

We are a lean mobile app development team that keeps our costs low. We also make sure that we procure our technologies an affordable rate so that we provide our services at a reasonable price. 

Bespoke Designs

Good design in our work is a minimum requirement. We know that a good UX/UI Design can make or break the success of apps. So, we prioritise good designs to help clients increase customer satisfaction, which brings about greater ROI.


The main purpose for a mobile app is to bring ROI to the business. We are not just app developers, we are app consultants. Proposing the right innovative ideas that will best benefit our clients’ company is the only thing we do other than developing the app for them.

Strategic Approach

We do not simply take our clients’ requirements and quote them for the app. We value-add to our clients’ proposal by introducing high-impact app development strategies that make the apps we build a huge success.

End-to-End Service

Unlike other companies, SleekDigital walks you through the entire process of app development. We hold you by the hand from the early stages of development until post-maintenance.

Our Clients Say

“Intially, I was unsure whether SleekDigital was able to help our company. However, when we approached Lester, founder and app developer of Sleekdigital, we were impressed by his expertise in the app industry. He has helped us develop a process automation app that helped us get rid of the mundane tasks. Because of the app, it decreased our costs tremendously and increased our business efficiency. Will recommend him to those who are looking to develop an app for their company as well.”
Project Manager, Construction Company
“SleekDigital has helped my startup develop the first version of the app. Because of Lester’s experience and knowledge in the app industry, he was able to come up with unique features that I never could have thought of myself. These features were proven to be crucial to the success of my startup app. All the best, SleekDigital. 👍”
Tech Startup Founder

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