Enterprise App Development.

What is Enterprise App Development?

Enterprise App Development refers to the development of a mobile app that satisfies the needs of an enterprise such as businesses, schools, government, etc.

There are three main purposes of Enterprise App Development: Revenue Generation, Service Automation and Service Quality. All of these are optimising the business to increase profits, either directly or indirectly. By increasing productivity in the business, it helps with decreasing the costs of operation which eventually leads to an increase in profits.

Most Enterprise Mobile Apps are used in-house. Generally, these apps are built with a strict goal in mind. At SleekDigital, we strive towards helping the company to achieve the goal that they have in mind. Enterprise mobile apps help the company maximise performance while reducing costs.

Our Approach.

In every enterprise mobile app that we build, we first try and define the problems that companies are facing. By coming up with the list of problems, we then come up with creative ways that systems can solve the problems that companies are facing.

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Revenue Generation

A common goal for enterprise mobile app development is to increase the revenue for businesses. This is done with multiple strategies that we propose for businesses. The main way that a mobile app helps with increasing revenue is by adding an additional channel for businesses to get new customers.

The most traditional way will be to sell products via M-Commerce apps. Another way is to allow customers to book services for service-based businesses in their mobile app.

Lastly, businesses who already have a mobile app developed can develop additional features in the mobile app that can be increasing the revenue for the business. For example, loyalty systems, promo codes, etc. Below will be a few examples of how revenue generation can be done with a mobile app.

  • 1. Building a mobile app e-commerce (M-Commerce) to increase the number of channels the business has.
  • 2. Adding loyalty systems to businesses with a mobile app, increasing the number of repeat customers.
  • 3. Developing Promotional Codes (promo code) systems in a mobile app to allow users to kickstart their experience with the company.
  • 4. Ease ordering process for businesses to allow more people to order with a lower barrier to entry for ordering.
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Service Automation

Business Processes can be automated with mobile apps by digitalising currently manual processes. Manual processes include tasks that are handled manually on paper or by an inefficient process which can be reduced with mobile app development.

Service automation helps reduce cost internally in the business. Although results cannot be seen with revenue increase, time saved can be measured with the amount of time saved for each task. For example, if we save 2 hours for a task, and we use this every day, we save 2 hours each day. In a year, if there are 200 working days, we save 400 hours. Depending on each company, usually, a man-day cost for a decently paid manager is S$500. THAT IS S$200,000 SAVED A YEAR!

  • 1. Progress tracking mobile app or web systems. In project-based businesses, most progress tracking is done either online or on paper. That is traditional and a progress tracking system can be built to simplify that process.
  • 2. Businesses that collect payment via bank transfer can simplify their money collection process by integrating online payments. In other words, integrating with payment gateways to allow credit cards for payment collection. This automates the whole payment process and manpower can be saved on the finance side.
  • 3. Accounting and finance processes can be automated. Tasks like tracking of expenses can be made into a mobile app. Quote generation for finance is a time taking task which can be simplified with a quote generator system online.
  • 4. CRM systems can be built for companies to track their clientele database. Additional features can be implemented to value add to their clients. For example, Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) systems can be built to send email blasts to the clients of the company for announcements such as promotions.
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Service Quality

Service Quality means having better customer satisfaction in the business. By improving the quality of the service, customers will tend to have a better impression of the business.

In that way, customers are more likely to come back to the business if they need similar products or service. Likewise, if the service quality for a business is not at least satisfactory, then customers will not come back to the business.

Although most business owners will not have innovative ideas of how mobile apps can improve the customer experience, we at SleekDigital will propose solutions to help them. We will use design thinking processes to come up with interesting ideas to make the customer experience better.

  • 1. Delivery company allowing its customers to track their parcels with GPS location in the mobile app. Creates “wow” experiences for the customers.
  • 2. Receive live updates of the status of a business’s order. For example, when you are ordering a custom made product, the company can update the customers of the status of the customisation.
  • 3. For project-based businesses, e.g. Renovation companies can create progress tracking systems for the clients to see live updates of what is going on in the renovation.
  • 4. Allow bookings, editing of bookings, and cancellation of various appointments from medical to beauty. This will be a good touchpoint for the user to manoeuvre in the mobile app, booking appointments.
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More About Enterprise App Development

The main purpose of these enterprise systems is to increase profits indirectly. By increasing productivity in the business, it helps with decreasing the costs of operation which eventually leads to an increase in profits. Enterprise mobile apps are developed particularly to cater to the needs of an organisation and are only accessible by the personnel of the organisation. Enterprise app development is internal facing and is built for internal reasons.

SleekDigital offers custom app development solutions, suited to each and every individual company’s needs.

In today’s business world, many businesses are moving towards developing their own enterprise solutions to automate and digitalise their operation process and business data. Enterprise app development is known to be complex and specific to be deployed on a range of platforms such as corporate servers, Internet or Intranets. As enterprise app development is used for an organisation’s purpose, they are usually data-centric and must meet rigid regulations for security, administration and maintenance.

How Does It Work?

We will study your business process and find the pain points where we can use tech to improve on. We use frameworks like design thinking processes to identify challenges and solutions. We mainly look for manual work that can be digitalised into a website or a mobile app. We also look out for the inconvenient usage of Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets as those data apps can be made seamless and quicker with a mobile app.

When a corporation has an internal purpose to fulfil, they may develop such a mobile app to simplify the process by reducing time, effort and cost needed.


Reducing time, cost and error are one of the few benefits of having an enterprise web developed in the long-run. Reducing errors are a key component of enterprise mobile apps as these errors might be costly if not managed properly.

An enterprise mobile app allows the mobile app to be accessed anywhere at any time. Say, you have partners working around the world with different time zones, they can access the mobile app anytime to get certain tasks done.

As enterprise app development evolves, old development methods will not address the needs of modern businesses. Soon, those who keep up with ever-changing development trends will have an advantage over those who do not.

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