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We Build Enterprise Systems

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Are you a manager or business owner looking for ways to improve productivity, automate processes or reduce cost?

At SleekDigital, we can help you with that with our customised mobile app solutions. Being in the industry for a couple of years, we can say we don’t just know a thing or two about mobile apps. We propose, design, develop, and launch mobile apps to push your productivity through the roof. Let us take charge of your custom app development with the following steps:

Step 1: Business Process Analysis

We will learn more about your business processes and operations through a few meetings. We will take note of how your business runs and any manual tasks that we might observe.

Step 2: Solution Proposal

After analysis, we as digital consultants will get together and discuss how we can build a suitable system to improve the process of the business.

Step 3: System Implementation

After client has approved the systems that we have proposed, we will begin to develop and implement the systems quickly.

Step 4: Post-Development Support

After development and implementation, we will continue to provide our support and technical knowledge through maintenance packages.

We Help Startups Build Systems

People who have ideas don’t come by very often. We help bring that idea to reality with our technical expertise. Entrepreneurs with the business acumen and disruptive ideas come to us to bring those concepts and planning to reality. We are here with you all the way through this brave journey. Our digital consultants and app developers in Singapore are more than happy to guide you.

How we can help:

Developing of Concept to App/Web

We will study the idea, propose the appropriate technologies (in form of mobile app, website, or any other technologies), and develop it for you.

Marketing Expertise

With our experience in the tech industry, we also know a thing or two about marketing online. We can provide any help needed when it comes to it. We have partners who specialises in digital marketing (e.g. SEO, SEM, Facebook Ads)

Advice through Experience

Having built numerous apps, we can confidently advise clients about the ins and outs about launching apps in the market, advising the pros and cons of different ideas. Though not being the best, we will help to make every idea a success as much as we possibly can.


Maintenance/Post Development Support

Being a startup, an entrepreneur will spark ideas very frequently. With our maintenance packages, we can add on new features into the app included in the maintenance cost. We will also take care of the technical assurance, while you can focus on the most important thing; running the business.

Productivity is what we all are trying to achieve, both in corporations and personally. Mobile apps help a lot in improving productivity as it is very accessible to everyone since most of us have smartphones. With the development of technologies, mobile apps can not only store simple text data, but also manipulate them, and get different sorts of data like location, images, heartbeat, time, compass, NFC data, bluetooth, and many more.

Here are some productivity mobile app examples:

Location-based Productivity Mobile App
Location-based Mobile Apps can track your location or generate and store information based on where the phone is. This can be applied for many areas, e.g. fleet management systems, running tracker mobile app, driving tracker mobile app, etc.

Data Mobile Apps
Data Mobile Apps store data in different formats as required, for future references or reporting. Storing and keeping track of information will help us improve what we want to achieve and move forward in productivity. Some examples are weight tracker mobile app, to-do list mobile apps, etc.

We are constantly striving to improve our own business and app development in Singapore by investing in Research & Development. Going into new technologies can help us broaden our horizons and penetrate new markets. Adopting new technologies is also easy for us as it is the same core concept of app development, on different areas of technologies.

Here are some areas we are working on:

Internet-of-things (IoT)

We are always trying to improve our knowledge and expertise on IoT. We are already offering IoT Solutions (, and are looking to improve on whatever we already have, taking IoT to the next level. We hope to be the #1 IoT Solutions Provider in Singapore.


With the popularity in cryptocurrency, we have to admit that it intrigues us. Underlying cryptocurrencies is blockchain, which is the technologies that runs well-known technologies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. We are researching and testing how we can apply blockchain to corporations and might offer service for developing blockchain locally. Look forward!

How can a Mobile App help you?

Some benefits of getting mobile app development in Singapore

Superior Business Analytics

Data can be easily collected and effectively put into beautiful presentations for easy analysis, allowing businesses to catch inefficiencies.

mobile app development Singapore
Faster Business Processes

With Mobile Apps in place, we are confident that processes will be nimble and sleek. Our goal is to make all processes seamless.

mobile app development Singapore
Better Customer Excellence

Mobile Apps allow customers to have a better experience. It allows customers to get latest information, or even order quickly.

Who is SleekDigital?

A little something about us...

SleekDigital is a Singapore Mobile App Development company focusing on corporate mobile apps development.
Incorporated in 2017 as SLEEKDIGITAL LLP (UEN:T18LL0518L).
Our mobile app development services includes integrating systems such as IoT, QR Code systems, VR & AR, and automations sytems.
Our Mission is to reduce the cost of companies by developing innovative mobile apps for their productivity.

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What types of Mobile Apps?

These are the main branches of mobile apps that we build. The sky is the limit, help us do more.

application developer
IoT Apps

IoT apps allow controlling physical devices remotely over the internet, improving productivity and getting valuable data in the process.

mobile app development Singapore
QR Code Apps

QR Code Apps allow collection and transmission of data through a QR code, enabling technologies like inventory management systems.

mobile app development Singapore
M-Commerce Apps

M-Commerce Apps stands for Mobile Commerce. It is an online shop in a mobile app that allows ordering, payment, etc.

mobile app development Singapore
Marketplace Apps

Marketplace Apps allow different parties to come together to connect and interact with each other. Possibly making a transaction.

mobile app development Singapore
Location-based Apps

Location-based Apps enable apps like uber to exist. They take advantage of proximity to disrupt industries with technology.

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