Being an App Development Company in Singapore is easy, but providing enough value to businesses and clients to push their business forward is different. Being an app development agency in Singapore, you just need to be able to know how to code, or find a team of app developers that you can constantly give projects to. Thus, in this article, we explain why clients should choose SleekDigital over any other app development company and what we offer differently.

SleekDigital is originally an app development company, then we moved to pushing digital consultation in corporations, with the main strategy of helping companies go mobile. Going mobile has a lot of applications, as there are mobile-friendly websites, and there are also mobile apps. There are also a lot of applications for a mobile app that we can use for enterprises as we will show in our digital consultations.


We are Business Minded

Running an app development agency ourselves, we can understand the pain points of consumers, business owners, and even managers as well. Being business minded with the knowledge and experience of a digital consultant or an app development company, we can propose the right solutions to our clients. In addition, we can resonate with what is required in a business, and provide our technical expertise to bring other businesses forward.

Although being business minded, we might not necessarily have the knowledge or resources for specific industries, as our knowledge is mainly in app development. At areas where we do not have the domain knowledge to, we can bring in consultants who can aid us with the the digital transformation journey. These consultants will work with our digital consultants to propose the technologies for development.

As we both grow as businesses, we are able to constantly propose new ideas and new technologies that might come along the way. Not only that, we might even get to partner up on a new idea, or even friends that can talk about business over kopi.

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Our developers are full-timers

Unlike some other agencies, we have an ever growing team of full time app developers, web developers, designers, quality assurance representatives, project managers, project leads. These app developers come to work everyday and are paid a monthly salary. Although these app developers are based offshore, we ensure that communication will be as easy as possible for our app development clients. We use messaging apps like WhatsApp and Skype with our clients along with our developers to allow clients to also interact with our developers.

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Our prices are lower than the big boys

Being relatively new in the industry as compared to the more established app development agencies, we tend to keep our prices on the lower side for a start. Prices will vary depending on the job scope for app development. For digital consultation, it depends on the size of the company or organisation that requires the digital consultation.

We aim to keep prices affordable and reasonable for clients as profits isn’t our main aim in the company. We believe that creating value for a company far outweighs the profit that can be made. Profit is just a way to keep track our quality or app development and digital transformation consultation in companies.

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We are truly passionate about changing the world with tech

Our founder, Lester, was a self-taught web and app development freelancer during his Polytechnic days. He enjoyed building websites and mobile apps that have a meaning and purpose. Eventually he started SleekDigital in his final year of Polytechnic in 2017. It was passion that drove him forward and his motivation has always been that mobile app development was a very powerful tool to people. He saw that businesses and organisations required technical expertise and it is only common sense that he build a company around his knowledge and passion. With that culture in place, everyone else in the company operates with the similar drive.

We strongly believe that what we do in our digital consultations & mobile apps will improve businesses forward. Meeting a new client excites us and presenting the digital transformation proposals looking at the smiles on the audiences’ faces warms our hearts. Receiving the calls saying that our systems helped businesses in many ways are what makes us jump out of bed every morning.

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Small Chain-of-Command (Easy communication)

We operate transparently and clients can have access to communication to our entire team. If the client wants to talk to our app developers directly, they can do it. If they wish to talk to the project manager, they can do it. We have a low chain of command which makes communication lean and fast. Without the use of the lean communication, a message sent from client has to go through many levels before reaching the mobile app developer we have.

We plan to still operate the same way even when we grow to a bigger scale as this is one of the most important competitive advantage that we can have and clients love us for this. Being able to connect directly to the person in charge of the project eases headaches of the client. Being easily contactable as well is important for quality service in our digital consultations and app development. We will not shortchange this service even when we have loads of projects on hand.

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We have strong technical expertise in wide variety of fields

Our digital expertise stretch from servers, app development, web development, UI/UX designs, digital marketing including Facebook marketing, SEO & SEM. Each of what we do are either done in-house or outsourced to our partner companies. We work with many partners in order to jointly bring together a strong team of experts in their own field.

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Finding the right company to do digital consultation and/or app development is important. There are many different kinds of companies who are offering rather similar services but it is the customer service that is key. For us, we want to ensure that every of our clients get the best ROI out of the investment that they are making in the systems or digital strategies.

To give a good idea of the different ranges of companies offering similar app development services, there are the smaller companies and the larger companies. The smaller companies might be freelancers who are offering their service as app developers themselves. These guys are the cheapest alternative but they might be a one-man show which might slow down the development process. There is also the larger companies who charge a bomb, but give the best service and quality work. SleekDigital is placed just below the big boys who charge extreme amounts of money for an app.

Should you consider to work with SleekDigital for a digital consultation for your business or already have an app development idea in mind, hit us up for a quick meet up and we can discuss how we can move forward! Hope this article has helped you business owners or managers understand more about SleekDigital and also digital consultation and app development in general.