Digital transformation is around us and we are a part of that very transformation. It started back when the internet came into being. Since the inception of computers combined with connectivity, we begin our journey into the information age. Let’s explore today, what does digital transformation actually mean, and how it slightly ties up with app development.


Digital transformation identifies the integration of technology into any field of area, more especially the field of businesses. The actual transformation takes place into consideration when technology is helping you to grow value of your business and shape up your ideals and methods of how you operate to bring about increase in productivity and customer satisfaction. Not only the business perspective, but digital transformation also identifies the changes takes place on cultural level of getting accustomed with technology gradually since, technology is all about experimentation and application chain.

Our world is becoming digital and competition is a real factor when it comes to businesses. Opting for methods that makes you at the forefront in the market is the prime focus of every entrepreneur out there, whether it’s a startup, medium size, and large enterprise or behemoth organizations. Since everyone has realized the importance of digital transformation into their business model, they are beginning to adopt practices which help them to exceed into this overwhelming field. They strive to get ahead of their competition by taking necessary steps such as embracing technology into their methods, putting their up data into the cloud, design better jobs in order to formulate digital transformation framework and hire consultant’s services.

So for many of us, who still haven’t got the slightest idea of what is digital transformation, here are some answers that will help you understand this concept and enable you to make things work in the right direction.

So what actually is digital transformation?

One word; Change. This one word is important to realize if you are ready to go further down the road of digital transformation. What changes, you say? Let’s add one more word into it, technological change. Now let’s get back to our explanation of digital transformation once again. Digital transformation is the change through the integration of technology into different areas of business, fundamentally used improves the operation and providing an increase in value to overall business ideals. So it’s sometimes difficult to include change into an organization’s customs since mostly business with complicated manual processes upon which a company is built on, is indeed a tough choice to make, but that’s what every business model is adopting these days, so it’s in the best interest of a company to adopt certain changes to enhance overall capability and improve the business efficiency.

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What is the need for digital transformation?

There may be several of reasons for a business to adopt digital transformation, but no matter how you look at it, the top one will always be the necessity of today’s time. It is a question of survival. According to an author of The Guardian journal, Howard King, states that business usually doesn’t choose to transform due to considering how time consuming and expensive an option may sounds, but they go through the practice of transformation when they are unsuccessful to evolve as a company.

Many entrepreneur and business leaders understand the urgency of adopting technological change into their methods. According to the predictions made by IDC research of FutureSpace Worldwide Digital Transformation 2018 states that, by the end of 2019, the spending made by digital transformation worldwide would be $1.4 trillion. Still, there may be some enterprise leaders who won’t be inclined towards investing in digital transformation. To get a clear picture, some reasons below may help them to reconsider the transformation

  • Your competitors are embracing technology into their business model. According to a report by Forrester Research, by 2020 executives of multi-national companies will yield half of their revenues guided by the means of digital.
  • Your competitors are getting more profitable than before using technology. According to a survey made by Gartner, the digital improvements have increased the profits up to 56 percent than it was before.
  • Your competitors are becoming more efficient. A search conducted by identifies that 9 out of 10 IT companies blames the legacy systems for restricted their efficiency and output than digital technologies in order to become more efficient.
  • Your competitors have a more ironclad customer support and employee management. Most importantly they will be inclined with asking for feedbacks from their clients and employees using technology will help them to improve their system and make their businesses to be respectable.

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What helps digital transformation to drive?

Technology is the main reason which has helped to formulate digital transformation. But in reality, digital transformation is bigger than technology, it is actually the change made to improve the overall efficiency in the place of old legacy systems that are allowing the process to lag behind. According to the Federal Department of IT, in 2017, 70 percent of all the cost spend by government in IT industries was towards the maintenance of their legacy systems. One examples of such troubled fact is in health care industry in the US. According to the report, over 80 percent of medical responders persists on using hospital issued pagers to contact their patients and out of 80 percent, 49 percent of patients has actually received the messages on their pagers in the first place.


These types of dilemmas are happening on other industries as well. These are the factors which has greatly affects the entrepreneur decision on investing on new technology and innovating ideas from their tight budget thought which almost 70 percent is spend on just maintaining their existing IT systems. According to the IT experts and panelist, the enterprises are looking to adopt the technology in fast pace, without compromising on the results.  The innovators are propelled to find ideas that must work in tandem with their existing system or to produce improved method with less time required. The only possible solution where most experts agree on is working on agile methodology and principles throughout the businesses.

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