WeChat Mini Program Development.

What is WeChat Mini Program?

WeChat Mini Program has gained massive popularity in recent months. SleekDigital is here to help you develop these WeChat Mini Programs from Singapore efficiently and beautifully.

WeChat Mini Program are sub-applications in the WeChat app itself. They can offer functionalities like a web-app but it is embedded in the WeChat app, which means you don't have to open a URL to run the program. WeChat Mini Programs launched at the beginning of January 2017.

Advantages of WeChat Mini Programs

Convenient To Use.

WeChat Mini Program do not need to be downloaded like a native app to be used by users. In other words, after using the WeChat Mini Program, you can just leave and need not delete any apps even though you have only used it once. Users generally do not like downloading apps for a one-time usage. Another benefit to reap from this is that users’ mobile phones will not be cluttered with too many apps.

Low Size.

These WeChat Mini Program are very low in memory, and thus do not take up much memory or data usage when used. Even when users’ phones do not have much storage, they can still use the WeChat Mini Program, unlike traditional mobile apps which need high memory to be downloaded.

High Performance.

Since WeChat Mini Programs are leaner versions of native apps, they can be run faster, especially in rendering pages. This will provide better User Experience to the users of these WeChat Mini Programs.

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