Website designs indeed keep on changing either because of technology changes or due to various trends being followed. We would like to follow up with this change of trends in website design in Singapore especially for Small and Medium-size Enterprise (SME).

While nothing new or technological breakthrough has been pointed out in our list. Only how the brand is promoting their content through the website by following elements which should be promptly noticed.

White Spaces

Many of you might ask, isn’t white space a bad practice for creating content? It must be when writing an essay or a letter using a pen or pencil but when we’re talking about internet content, White Space is a good thing.

We have noticed in countless website design in Singapore which is prompt using White space all over their web pages.

The main reason for using white space as a generalized format for web content is to keep things clean and easy to read.

Long gone are the days when the web content is composed of large paragraphs. These days, the 2 lines paragraph is the new normal and a trend which every SME should follow.

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Full-Page Headers

There are usually 3 big elements on a website, namely header, body, and footer. These days, it’s observed various alternations in headers, more commonly full-page header.

There’s common to see full-width headers for website design in Singapore, but when we talk about full page header, it’s the header that takes complete screen without being scrolled.

Thanks to the mobile-first design practices, the full-page headers are also found without scrolling over the mobile screen.

Interesting Cursor

Cursors have always remained static in around 95% of the website, but recently the animated cursors are positively received.

The cursor shows interesting facets, such as animation, scroll effects, unusual design, or the very least artwork in the pace of normal cursor.

These elements further boost the beautification of website design in Singapore, if you as an SME are looking to enhance the positive image for your business.

Dynamic scrolling

A website can take real benefits if scrolling is properly utilized to enhance the UI and design element. It’s almost becoming a new normal for many website designs in Singapore which are trying out dynamic scrolling into account.

The scrolling over the website helps with two things, first, it makes the user say put over your website, thus improving the bounce rate. Secondly, it helps in promoting a special place for SME in the highly competitive marketplace, as far as online marketing is concerned.

Illustration customization

Every website can upload images and text, while no one can undermine the importance of these basic content elements for a website, talking about the changing trends, illustration has taken a unique turn for the better.

For website design in Singapore, the trend that incorporates illustration designs is started to surface out more than fewer times.

These illustrations are custom designed, especially by a professional graphics designer. The design helps understand the objective of SMEs by drawing out illustrations all over the website.

Whether you can form out a storyboard than triggers through scrolling or with the help of simple animation, illustration is setting the bar high over website design in Singapore trends.

Grid Art

Grids are a common sight in website design in Singapore, but when it includes art over these same grids, things turn for the better.

SMEs are always looking out to stay ahead in technology and improving their branding using website development solutions.

Grid Art is a normal illustration but laid out in a grid. This has a special place over-explaining story with a bit of uniqueness, to say the least.

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Bold Fonts

There are few alternations a person can apply over fonts because font needs to be seen at all costs. The trending over website design in Singapore is showing bold fonts especially over heading and over-focus keywords.

These bold fonts have a better rate of people noticing these texts if you exclude the boldness over these elements. It’s just science.

Interested to try out a trendy website design in Singapore for your upcoming project?

SMEs must never shy to try out experimentation over their business, but these so-called experiments mustn’t be out of the blue. Instead, it should follow the top trends in website design in Singapore.

If you are interested in creating your very own website that’s unique all the way, try contacting Sleek Digital and we’ll ensure to provide you the best development services you could get.