Real estate agents had to handle a lot of footwork throughout their career, like signing out contracts with clients, viewing properties and meeting with new clients. These tasks are mandatory for any real estate agent which makes things limited for many agents who are looking to expand their influence into the market. In this fast-paced era, time is of the essence. Adopting fast and effective methodologies that help real estate agent to sign contracts with buyers and get new clients with better results.

After the breakthrough of Smartphones technology into the mix, many new doors have been opened which can help businesses and clients alike in a number of ways. According to the statistics report, as of 2017, there are over 2 million apps in the market which belongs to the iOS app store and over 3.2 million apps for Android. Due to this vast acceptance, real estate and house hunting apps are also grabbing influence into the market. With so much potential for this particular area of business, we will learn in depth about how the app is assisting clients and buyers through mobile technology.

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Digital transformation in Real estate market 

Through the use of the mobile internet within our fingertips, a huge market has emerged into the midst of technological breakthrough. There is no area for businesses that haven’t been covered by the app developers to increase the revenue generation for the corporation and making user’s life better. Whether you are using social media or paying bills through your smartphone, online shopping, booking a room, hailing a ride or even searching for new real estate.

Competitors are gaining more and more outreach through their involvement in the business, but how to restrict it within your power. The only way to beat the business competitors is through introducing better app features in terms of design, workability and good user experience. One of the ways is to improve your app features with more new ways that haven’t been done before with your competitor’s app. This new and advance app will help you search hotel and book it at your convenience thus saving the most important resource for users, called Time.

The use of technology in real estate has a lot of potentials and proven to be one of the best areas affected through Digital transformation. The advancements have been so much praised by respective stakeholders that society has acknowledged this department as a separate entity known as PropTech. PropTech is the made up from two words “Property” and “Technology”. This concept behind this framework is to help property developers, realtors and clients to deal in the domain of real estate and properties. Through the help of technology, the developers and digital consultants are on their toes to come up with all possible solutions in the form of cloud-based solutions and instant connectivity through mobile apps which can help the property industry.

It is also to understand that PropTech is a notion about solutions which can improve the real estate industry, not about the current technology being implemented. It is proven that the potential for digital transformation in real estate is tremendous which need further analysis to make it more mature. PropTech provides assistance in buying, selling, leasing, and renting property in much ease and convenience for both customers and realtors.

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The technology used in real estate apps

There is a process involved when a property deal is executed. Clients first survey the property, through visiting the site. If they are willing to proceed further, they start to engage with the owner/realtor about price negotiation. Once the deal is declared, both parties sign the agreement form to transfer the property ownership which then saved as a recorded proof for both client and owner. This process is pretty much similar for alliteration; whether a client is selling, purchasing, leasing or renting a property.

Digital transformation enforces the concept of virtualization. The concept behind it implies that every physical working should be replaced through technology, which provides both convenience and security to its highest level. In order to cater such concern for property and real estate business, some tools have been developed throughout which can greatly help in the process and assist the customers using digitization of all the tedious process in the start, middle and the end. Here are some amazing tools and their practical usage in real estate business.

KeepSolid Sign

It is basically a digital signature app used to create signatures through their provided canvas. This app provides a signature creator canvas through which user can draw their signature and store into their unique account for later use. Not only for creation, but the saved signature can be imported to any document in the world. This app saves a user signature in the form of an image. KeepSolid Sign also provides a feature such as Create document templates, Signature drag and drop specialty, email integration, real-time status notification, offline mode, team collaboration, and cross-platform accessibility. Its main traits are security, legality and business-friendly usages. KeepSolid is an all-rounder feature which can be used for real estate apps which can assist in following things

– It can help to sign different types of forms and listing provided by real estate service.

– Through the app, you can engage in a thorough discussion and provide your final thoughts about any property online.

– Easily save your digital signature over legality protocols such as delivery and acceptance act.

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Ever wonder what could be a better way to show your property to your customers besides some photo clicks? MatterPort provides an advanced 3D tour system of your property which is so far the coolest piece of technology in achieving the real benefit using digital transformation. Using a sophisticated 3D capable camera, a client can scan his surroundings with high accuracy, fast and completely automated. MatterPort also provides a feature for upload your files into the cloud, which in return provide an accurate model to your property using elaborate algorithms. The files can be easily shared and accessed from anywhere in the world using embedded video link or provided MatterPort video link. A complete 360 view of your house will surely bring greater advantage to give an immersive experience to your potential clients.


A video streaming app used to broadcast live videos to your viewers. Through this app, a real estate agent can hold live auction house for their remote customers or just stream video about their property to their clients. This app adds a new dimension of real-time behavior for digital transformation and helps business to propagate their demands to a wider audience.

Google Drive

You need a cloud to store your property files such as images and photos. Google drive provides free 5GB storage and a very fast way to upload and retrieve files from it. All you need is a Google account and you are all set to show your clients all the photos and files about your property. You can even share photos with your clients so that they can see the files to their heart content.

Area Pulse

A best report and analysis app that gathers all the relevant real estate as per your client needs and show it to most concise and well-formed manner. Beautifully put charts and graphs help the customer to understand clearly about all the boring and tedious details of the property market for a specific location. This service provides real-time updates which are highly relevant and intensely localized so that your client can read what they want to read.

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Yesware is an email tracking app with heavy emphasize over marketing and sales reports. Through free account, you can publish up to 100 emails with a fast and easy dashboard to your disposal. Yesware supports Google and Outlook mail engines so that you can easily integrate your account with this app. Sending marketing emails and then micromanaged he clicks, track the user activity and response in a presentable, sleek and updated manner.

Servicing real estate agent

A job of a real estate agent is quite a hectic one, as he is the only individual doing all the heavy lifting from handling clients, managing property listing and signing contracts for done deals. The technology can come as a blessing in disguise for real estate agents as mobile apps can prove to be a great tool for minimizing all the footwork and save lots of time in return. Through providing multiple solutions such as Customer Relation Management (CRM) tools, schedule planner, report customization and event tracker. All these solutions can be handled through a mobile app and or desktop application.

The main focus for all these apps is to save time and provide convenience in return. The real estate agent is the prime benefactor for this section. Here we will provide top mobile apps for real estate agents which are trending in 2018.

OpenHome Pro

Real estate agents need to manage their email leads and understand the behavior for their customers. OpenHome Pro is a handy little app for iPhones that does a great job in solving all problems above. Through this app, realtors, and agents and save all the email leads through their contact information and helps get more personalized with their business marketing domain. This app also provides integration with social media which can further increase your marketing activity either you are handling your website or social media page. This app is also best for businesses that are looking to capture their personal website lead management.

Premier Agent

For all the Customer handling details, an agent may need an ironclad Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) which covers all the client agent activity in an up to dated fashion. Premier Agent app is a most advanced piece of software that provides lead management, email subscriptions handling and client meetings status all in real time. This app is available for Android and iPhone with the providence of features not limited to below:

– Real estate business management all in real time

– an in-depth report from incoming leads

– Notifications about all the deals made in real-time

– Leads management from multiple origins

– Send responses against the managed leads with ease.


When a deal is done, a real estate agent may require software to handle all the transactions, details about the order and other tasks. DotLoop is a real estate app especially targeting all these issues. With proper reporting access, productivity overview analysis and amazing features such as task management and transaction handling are also administrated by DotLoop app. Through this app, a realtor can make transactions from multiple sources and get a thorough insight into the customer details. It is available for Android and iOS platform.

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Spotio handles all your marketing needs such as access to the clients and prospectors through just a click of a button and inserting remarks and notes about your dealings. The notes can be exported in pdf format for more refined documentation such as printing it to hard-copy. Spotio is developed by realtors so it considered being an all-in-one marketing tool for real estate agents. It is available for both iOS and Android.

RPR Mobile

Exclusively developed for real estate business, RPR Mobile handles all the property related tasks such as view current market rates create reports about property value, search new property through a search panel and a lot of other features. This app is a great choice for real estate agents and realtor teams in general. Among other amazing features, RPR Mobile offer once great feature which is commendable for real estate business known as “Distressed Property”. In this section, property owners have selected their property for cash out remittance as they are unable to pay their mortgage on time. This method provides a great property in sub-market price which could benefit the real estate business extensively.


Through Docusign, you can easily receive signatures from your clients using this highly secure and easy to use the mobile app. This free to use application handles signature creation, sharing, uploading and editing function for real estate services. There is no monthly limit for a number of document you can process and it’s absolutely free of cost. Its desktop version is, however, not free of charge. It is available for Android and iOS.

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Another newly created Customer Relationship Management tool, GoConnect is a great app for real estate developers and agents which handle the client end details in a seamless way. This app enables us to handle customizable activity planning, regular notification handling, daily reminder, lead management, and checklist follow up the system. GoConnect has great potential for real estate industry which has the ability to amplifying the organizational productivity tenfold. This app is available for Android and iOS.


For all those note management and accessing tool, there is a better app than Evernote. Although this all is not dedicated for real estate, it helps the user to create, save and manage notes, dotos, checklist and reminders all in one place. If you have a lot of saved notes and want to save time to peek inside all of them, Evernote provides a search feature which selected keyword exploration, gets retrieve results in no time. Evernote is available for Android and iOS.

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There is no real estate agent that is connected to the internet and not using social media for their business. They need a good outreach and presentable content in their Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest pages. Canvas is a handy graphics creator tool that helps realtors and agents to create highly presentable banners, covers and posts for their social media and websites which are both unique and quality- oriented content. This app is available for both Android and iOS.


RescueTime is an amazing time management tool that tracks hours when initiated. It records your app usage and provides a lengthy analysis of your activity throughout the timeline the app was enabled. RescueTime helps the real estate agent to manage their time in a more positive manner. Through a concise dashboard, RescueTime offers an overview statistics through well-formatted graphs and charts to manage time effectively.


Buffer helps real estate agents to post, update and publish content in a scheduled manner. As online presence need quite a constant creation with posts, articles, contents, and images, it is necessary for users to have an assistant app to help in scheduling and tracking their activity on such manner. Through Buffer installed into your app, a real estate agent can be more punctual and active on promoting their business through social media and website.


There are times when real estate agents need to scan their document, images and other files urgently. Through TinyScanner, their problem will fade away in no time. Through a single swift, any document can be scanned and stored in a form of PDF and stored into the cloud.


Through technological advancements and digital transformation, the real estate business is successful to promote apps which can provide assistance from searching for property to signing the contract just through simple clicks in between. This industry is yet to see a lot of more advances as technology breakthrough through commendable technology and fast-paced information era.


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