With web apps advancement in recent years, there are various online mobile app development tools available for iOS and Android.

This article aims to provide detail about some of the top online mobile app development through which developers can simply create apps on both platforms with ease.

These developing tools have all the features required to make your apps great such as push notification, payment tools, advertising solutions, and gaming engine.


If you are looking for a dedicated online mobile app development tool for the Android platform? Look no further because Buddy has everything needed to develop an amazing mobile app.

With over 100 pre-configured actions and services, Buddy is a great tool that not just helps make an app that works but in record time as well.

Once you are able to create your Android app, with a single push you can deploy your mobile app into the marketplace, it’s that simple.

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If you are looking for an online mobile app development tool for testing and improve its quality? Kobiton has all elements cater to achieve that feat.

With great emphasis on the functional ability of the app along with improving the performance with continuous testing along with IoT DevOps, Kobiton provide a rapid testing kit through one window operations.

All device testing is done through the cloud which helps you save time in setting up an environment every time you need to test your app in real-time.


With technology evolving on month by month basis, there’s a lot of time wasted in adopting new tech for your mobile app development.

To skip the repetitive work of adopting basic syntax every time a technology is updated, GeneXus is the answer to this trouble.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, we can simply create a model for our app and in return, GeneXus will generate software using the latest technology at the backend. This is an excellent online mobile app development tool that helps to create app adopts in the latest technology every time.


Every mobile app needs security, especially if it incorporates payment services. Jamf is an online mobile app developed exclusively for iOS products and provides its online cloud service with a VPN solution.

Whether you are connecting a server to access Email or calendar, you will find Jamf to your liking since it offers a profile creation service within VPN security. Jamf can also protect your online chats from sniffing attacks.


Appypie is the real face of CMS-based app builders through which you can develop your own app with ease.

With features like SoundCloud, Beatport and Shoutcast you can design apps without coding for both iOS and Android platforms. Appypie also provides analytics for your app to improve your product even further.

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With the introduction of online mobile app development tools, people can transform their ideas into the mobile app and enter into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Swiftic is one of the online mobile app development tools aim towards iPhones only. People can build their apps using an easy navigation platform and create an app from scratch.

With features like push notifications, you can have an app that helps your business propel like anything else.

App Watch

With a lot of transactions going on on mobile phones, many hackers diverted their interest towards mobile apps by phishing and DDoS attacks.

App Watch helps your iOS apps to get protected from hacker attacks as it provides a comprehensive monitoring service along with analytics to see who is using your mobile app.

Through App Watch you can go through a complete app scanning to find out vulnerabilities in your app and rectify them to make it more robust and secure.


Xamarian is a household name for online mobile app development tools which has seen a lot of spotlight in recent years.

It’s a hybrid programming platform used to develop mobile apps for both platforms in a professional manner. Many businesses are using Xamarian as their only platform to develop outstanding apps.

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