As mobile apps become the lifeline of the competitive business today, so developers are also making continuous effort for improving their performance as well as functionalities. While these two factors are the main consideration for developing mobile apps, then it is utmost important for enhancing with the features which are needed for giving excellent user experience. Every mobile application is difficult as it is also meant for catering to a different purpose, so for this reason, the app developer needs to treat it differently right from scratch whether it is about the choice of programming language or any platform. These programming languages in particular help for deciding the functionalities which a mobile application can have. So, below are the given top languages which are appearing as the prototype in the mobile app development space.

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HTML5 serves as one of the best choices for building a web frontend application for mobile devices as it also simplifies the introduction of the input parameters, data types, account for different screen sizes and the level of browser playing fields. So, the mobile app can create a fully responsive website which is capable of working seamlessly on the array of devices. However, the downside of the language is still a proposed standard rather than a language. So, there are some substantial changes which are expected in the way of HTML5 which will be handled by browsers in the future. So, below are the given few advantages of choosing HTML5.
• Easy to learn as well as for developing an app
• Enable cross-device compatibility
• Simple and easy coding
• Enables creation of cross-platform apps
• Time effective and cost-effective


Swift is one of the latest programming languages for releasing Apple Inc. for Linux and iOS, it is mainly used for iOS mobile app development as well as operating system X. Swift is also considered as an improvement over objective C as it is designed for eliminating the number of security flaws which are possible with the latter. It may soon become the most widely used one for the iOS apps, which can help to give a bright future for mobile app builder who actually holds the expertise in it. So, below are the given few advantages of choosing Swift.
• Swift is Open-source language
• Easy to code
• Swift is a simplified form of Objective-C
• Need a lesser amount of coding
• Speed of development is faster

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If swift and Objective-C used for iOS mobile app development, then Java is the preferred language for android app development as well as it is also capable of running on an array of platforms. So, this object-oriented programming language can be run in two ways, in a browser window or in a virtual machine. Therefore, it helps in making it a flexible language, while it equally good from the performance perspective too. So, below are the given few advantages of choosing Java.
• Java is easy to learn
• Provides cross-platform compatibility
• Enable error-free coding with powerful IDEs
• Java supports APIs for easy integration
• It has open-source libraries


C++ is one of the most suitable programming languages for developing apps for the windows as well as for android platforms. It also enables the creation of mobile applications for every platform and for every purpose. So, despite being addressed as a low-level programming language, C++ mainly reserved as the dominating force in the programming space even before emerging of the smartphone revolution. So, below are the given few advantages of choosing C++.
• C++ is object-oriented
• Speed of development
• It has huge online library


C# is a leading programming language it is mainly used for windows mobile app development. It has proved to be the perfect language for helping them to create some of the strongest windows phone apps, and it is also known as C sharp where the language essentially multi-paradigm programming language which is object or component-oriented. Besides, the language also has the potential to be applied in the creation of web services, server application to a few mobile apps. C# is also versatile in the uses where it has found itself in the industries other mobile app development including business as well as productivity tools, utilities, enterprise, education and reference, games and so on. So, below are the given few advantages of choosing C#.
• It is simple and easy to use.
• It is type-safe language
• C# has a access to .Net framework

So, in conclusion, all the significant programming languages for mobile application development have been highlighted with the key features. So, the choice of these is determined by the app platform and the kind of features you want in your mobile app to have. Additionally, an expert app development partner will help you to compare the alternatives for choosing the one which will be suitable for your needs. Panaceatek is a leading app development company so you can trust to build the best mobility solution for your business. We have a team of developers who has rich experience in a wide range of technologies. Contact us to bring the right app solution to your doorstep.

How to choose the right mobile app development language for an entry-level app developer?

When we talk about mobile app development, there is critically more than one language to go with. Since its the responsibility of a mobile app developer to develop apps with the best of their ability, it will be needing right tools for the job, and there’s no better tool to go with than choosing the right app development languages.

Programming languages will follow with their own set of software and tools, which a mobile app developer must also need to acquire. There a huge list of things an app developer needs, but above all, there’s no mobile app development without a selected programming language for the job.

What we are aiming to provide is a simple guideline that helps an entry-level mobile app developer to choose an app development language for the business.

Personal Interest

First thing first, the business of mobile app development cannot fly for a year until there’s no speck of personal interest in the eyes of an app developer. The interest will be pique through any source, and it’s vital to go with your guts feeling first.

Also, it’s vital to understand that mobile app development languages require a lot of practice and technical knowledge to become better in it, and as the time goes by, the app developer will feel a real change of expertise within itself, which is called experience.

Earning specific

The market also defines various programming languages bases on the demand and supply or simply because people need a certain level of expert in abundance. Many people who are looking to earn more and pick a programming language that has a better average salary than the others, can also work as a driving force.

But this solution won’t work all the time, because of the dynamics of Information Technology and how rapidly it’s changing the dynamics. Sometimes, we need to discuss with experts or technologists about which language will be more demanded in the coming years.

Foundation languages

To learning the foundation concepts, people usually go with an easier programming language. It does mean that mobile app development has anything to do with it, its just that a programming language with easier concepts and syntax greatly helps people to develop apps that increase their foundation skills more quickly if they start to learn through programming language of difficult level.

Work Requirement 

Let’s face it, there may be times a mobile app developer has no other options than to listen to what his boss has to say. Now when things become simply like to learn a specific language because its the requirement of work, it doesn’t get simpler than this.

Since those bills aren’t gonna be paid by themselves, we have to trap down our guts feeling and learn what is the requirement from the client’s side.