The top mobile app development company is what every mobile app development company strives to be. SleekDigital is the top mobile app development company in Singapore due to numerous reasons. We will explore how each facet of the SleekDigital business shows that they are the best choice for clients.

Following are the reasons why SleekDigital is the top mobile app development company in Singapore:

  1. KPI and ROI Driven
  2. Creative Designs
  3. Innovative Proposals
  4. Technical Expertise
  5. Delivery


  1. KPI and ROI Driven

The unique advantage of SleekDigital is that we are results-driven. We aim for results for the clients, either help clients achieve their KPI goals, or help them return their investment on their app as soon as possible. We do this by implementing strategies that will help them with their business.

For enterprise mobile apps, we try and keep the mobile app as low cost as possible, along with proposing the right strategies for the business to implement the mobile app. With this, they can see improvement in their processes in a short period of time. This gives them the motivation for them to push mobile app development further in their business.

For consumer mobile apps in businesses, we have to come up with a marketing strategy that is best suited to the business. The budget, the ideas, the channels that we push the mobile app is important to the success of the mobile app. With our experience in mobile app development and also running mobile apps, we can give our mobile app consultation to help make the mobile app a success.

  1. Creative Designs

Our mobile app designs go through an in-depth analysis of customer’s needs before confirming on the designs. We think through every colour, every font, the positioning of every element, along with allowing users to navigate through the app seamlessly. Based on experimenting and research, these are all proven to allow users to have a more pleasant time using the mobile app. What we have just mentioned here is User Experience (UX). SleekDigital is a strong advocate of designing beautiful UX for our users

Apart from good UX, we have to have a good User Interface (UI) as well. User interface includes having good shapes, suitable colours, etc, for aesthetic reasons. This differs from UX as this is to make the mobile app a pleasing experience. SleekDigital works with the best UI designers as much as possible. Only go through an evaluation of the designer’s works before deciding to work together with the mobile app designer. Therefore, we are confident with the quality of the mobile app development and mobile app design that we offer.

  1. Innovative Proposals

Our proposals that we sent to our esteemed clients is well thought out before sending over. We brainstorm internally which functionalities are the most suitable for your business. We ensure that this is aligned with our goal, which is to deliver mobile apps that deliver results. Therefore, we see the company’s needs and problems while doing the proposal. We also keep in mind the budget of the project so we can propose the appropriate technology and functionalities that can be fit within the budget.

Giving a simple example, in a retail store, we will propose an M-commerce mobile app. Depending on the budget of the store, we might add extra bonus features that might be enticing to users. For example, we can add in loyalty points system or even promo codes functionality. This will help with more revenue and retaining customers.

From here we can see that we will allow customers to customised from our mobile app development services rather than buying off the selves systems. This is very beneficial for our clients in many ways. They are able to choose the packages that they wish to go with.

  1. Technical Expertise

In SleekDigital, we have a wide range of mobile app development expertise. In addition, we are constantly trying to expand our technical know-how. By keeping up with mobile app development trends, we try to understand and master as many mobile app development technologies as possible. From hybrid app development technologies to native technologies, we have the technical skill for it.

We are also familiar with a wide range of web development technologies, to cater to the needs of mobile apps. Mobile apps usually need an admin panel in order to control the content in the mobile app. Backend technologies are usually also run on web technologies. At SleekDigital, we got that all covered for you. Whatever tech stack you need, let us know and we will mostly be able to accommodate.

  1. Delivery

SleekDigital’s mobile app development delivery will be something that you will be impressed with. We provide mockups before the start of the project for us to show you what we can do. Upon confirmation of the project, we provide wireframes for you to confirm what is in the mobile app. During development, our highly-skilled mobile app developers will develop your mobile app as cleanly as possible. Meanwhile, our frontend designers and developers are doing up the frontend of the mobile app.

After integration, your mobile app is ready for UAT (User Acceptance Test). During UAT, we are doing constant scenario testing to ensure that all the developed features are working great. Next, we move on to deployment and the mobile app is ready to be launched.

We ensure that the client will rest assure that their app is in good hands. Clients do not have to worry about anything other than giving us feedback to implement. This is something that our busy clients are very happy about.

Skills to look out in a mobile app developer

Well, it is quite simple if we need a good mobile app development solution, we need to find the necessary skills in a mobile app developer for the job.

Although it’s not as easy as its sounds, because firstly, from where we can find or at least shortlist the recommended app developer for the project. If that is an issue, the top mobile app development company can help us with it.

Secondly, it’s important to communicate and observe who is the right candidate to do the job for us. Besides depending on the company size, there will surely be more than just a few mobile app developers housed in a company, doing the projects for many clients.

Now here comes the skills we are talking about in a mobile app developer which ensures us that we are moving on the right track.

1. Analytics skills

A person when able to solve analytical problems is capable to outsmart even the harshest problems that come into his way.

As a mobile app developer is a technical job, it’s essential to find the technical skills first so that the mobile app which business is trying to outsource to a company gets into a more clear form through the eyes of an analytical mobile app developer.

2. Communication Skills

Supposedly we have a mobile app developer among ourselves who understands the problem at hand and everything in between but is lacking proper communication skills to let other stakeholders understand the proper way to go through the issue.

There will always be something left unfulfilled though a mobile app developer who doesn’t get indulged in the communication area. Hence its quite important to see through this skill set among the most rated mobile developer.

3. Creative Skills

Creative thinking is god gifted or can come through extensive experience in working with different projects, anyway, it a great skill to ensure that a problem is handled keeping them out of the box approach.

Nothing is impossible for a person who is equipped with the notion of creative thinking skills in the domain of the app development regime.

4. Problem Solver

Solving problems start even before an app developer writes the first line of code. The problems will keep on increasing in magnitude and strength, but a person with a natural tendency to solve real challenges in life is what we called a problem solver. A must-have attribute for a top-class mobile app developer.


Mentioned above are why SleekDigital is the best mobile app development company in Singapore. We aim to improve and progress consistently even when we have reached our peak. We will always cater our services to different clients; SMEs, MNCs, startups, etc.

SleekDigital is a bespoke app development firm. Contact us for a mobile app consultation today, and start building your mobile app!