Many businesses find difficult in finding top mobile app development companies in Singapore for their app.

As the mobile app market has taken the world by storm, everyone is looking for a piece of action within their prescribed budget.

For the same reason, we have listed down some of the top mobile app development companies in Singapore in 2021 as your technology partner to develop an app for your behalf.


SleekDigital has been providing app development solutions in Singapore for almost 5 years. With a great track record and an excellent team of experts, clients can get a comprehensive experience while working with them.

Talking about services, SleekDigital is a one-stop shop for your digitalization needs, such as web and app development, along with online marketing services.

If you are looking for a consultation service as well as a company that can provide excellent app development solutions, SleekDigital is the right option.

ATTA Systems

ATTA Systems, formally known as AB4 Systems, offer full-stack app development services for small start-ups and large organizations.

Suited in two regions, namely Singapore and Romania, ATTA Systems offer different services such as product design, data science, software development as well as digital consultation.

They have also made products specifically for the medical sector which helps in viewing imaginary for a multi-disciplinary team of doctors.

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Nimble AppGenie

Nimble AppGenie offer effective solution in the domain of custom software development. Although their headquarters is located in London, they still come under top mobile app development companies in Singapore.

With the only two-member team, Nimble AppGenie start their operations in 2017 and were able to make a name by themselves.

Recently they have created a powerful exercise app for a fitness influencer client which had made them among the top mobile app development companies in Singapore.


BUUUK is a name no stranger for people who might have already found top mobile app development companies in Singapore.

Started in 2008, with a team of 38 members BUUUK offers services such as mobile app development, UI/UX design, and custom software development.

At BUUUK, they believe in effective communication with clients and team members so that the final project is up to the standard with excellent quality.

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Businessware Technologies

Sometimes people need to view credentials of not just top mobile app development companies in Singapore but with bigger clientele. One such company is Businessware Technologies.

With clients such as American Airlines, Samsung, and Microsoft, Businessware Technologies has made a name for them by providing custom software development solutions including expertise in big data consultation, mobile app development, and Artificial Intelligence.

The sector which is covered by Businessware Technologies resides in Finance, IT, healthcare, and business-oriented services.

Professional Soft-Tech

Professional Soft-Tech has been providing IT-enabled solutions to businesses far and wide which earned them in our top mobile app development companies in Singapore.

Headquarters in India, Professional Soft-Tech offer software development, e-commerce, and mobile app development solution for their customers.

With over 50 developers, Professional Soft-Tech offers cost-effective solutions and helps clients to obtain their projects with both quality and amazing customer experience.

Dev Center House

Founded in 2012 with 20 members, Dev Center House able to expand its operations in different parts of the world, namely, with an office in Chicago, Dubai, UAE, and India.

Their main office is in Dublin as with high expertise in technology-based solutions, Dev Center House can offer development services such as custom software, consumer product, and services.

Their clientele comes from government to various industrial sectors along with small to mid-size private companies.

Appville Softwares 

If you are looking for a dedicated company that offers AR/VR app development, Appville Softwares seems to be the right company for the job.

With over 10 members from their head office in India, Appville can produce apps with more branches of development such as IoT, consulting solutions, and custom software development.

They usually target companies precede from large to small companies as well as clients who are just looking for some consultancy work.