People need to have one place where they can find all the mobile application development companies in Singapore.

We have tried to compile some of the best app development companies in Singapore which a great track record as well as several years of experience in the market.

The main service provided by these companies besides app development is digital transformation consultancy, which is regarded as the most important solution that every business must need in today’s changing dynamics in the world of connectivity.


SleekDigital with over 6 years in the market has been providing app development services with great zeal and devotion.

Being one the of top-rated mobile application development companies in Singapore, SleekDigital focuses on improving the ROI of companies.

Whether it is app development, web development, digital marketing, and everything in between, the professional in SleekDigital will take care of your requirements and fulfill with better than expected for the client.


If you are looking for mobile application development companies in Singapore whose portfolio is purely focused on app development alone, BUUUK seems to be the right candidate.

In the world of mobile application development, there are a lot of elements to work into, such as app strategy formulation, design, development, and maintenance.

You can expect all of these to be handled by an expert professional in BUUUK and clients can have guaranteed satisfaction with the overall handling of their app development.

What business can learn from mobile app developer magazine?

ATTA Systems

One of the leading mobile application development companies in Singapore with years of experience under their belt is ATTA Systems.

The professional team that resides in ATTA Systems offers comprehensive services which ensure that the client’s app is fully developed with focuses on one-of-a-kind quality.

Services offer by ATTA System are Product Strategy, Product Design, Software Engineering, Data Sciences, QA testing, Product Marketing, and Audit with due diligence.

Nimble App Genie

In the world of mobile app development, there is 2 operating system which needs to be looked after, iOS and Android.

Nimble App Genie as the name suggested is a proactive mobile application development company in Singapore that focuses on app development along with other advanced services such as Artificial Intelligence, SAAS enterprise solutions, and Web development.

But the best thing about Nimble App Genie is their portfolio in working with various types of mobile apps, which includes eWallet apps, Fintech Apps, Mobile banking apps, Healthcare apps, logistics apps, Recruitment apps, cryptocurrency, and on-demand app development services.

Business Waretech

If you are looking for a mobile application development company in Singapore that offers more than app development then Business Waretech is the right company for your needs.

Besides the app development service, they offer solutions in Frontend, and Backend which could go beyond mobile development.

Business Waretech is more directed towards the development of chatting apps, fitness apps, enterprise portals, and computer vision-related apps.

With a colorful portfolio, Business Waretech has worked on various high-end clients with projects the ranges from SharePoint, Cloud, .Net, Mobile, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Reality.

Professional Soft Tech

Various mobile application development companies in Singapore jump right on the project because they mean business.

Professional Soft Tech is one such company that provides solutions that ranging from mobile app development, Web development, UI/UX design, and email template development.

With clients and companies such as Volkswagen, eBay, Rakuten, Toyota, and Qantas, Professional Soft Tech are changing business performance through technology with an excellent return of Investment.

Benefits of hybrid app development in Singapore for enterprise

The Kirin Lab

Companies sometimes are looking for a cost-effective solution that can produce a result more quickly. This is only possible when the tech stack used is hybrid and cross-platform.

The Kirin Lab which is considered one of the top-rated mobile application development companies in Singapore provides cross-platform tech stack for their mobile development services like Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, and React Native.

Aleait Solutions

When you are looking for a developer, what you need is a full-stack developer that can handle your project as you seem fit.

Aleait Solutions offer custom development services, from app development to website development which ensures that business turns into profit through transforming their way of doing business.

With complete technical assistance as well as solution to ensure that companies find no trouble in making themselves reach the top through digital transformation.