One thing is certain in any project design, the budget and resources are limited. To cater to this limitation, people adopt various methods to control and effectively manage the limited resource while at the same time ensure that the output is as per the requirement from the customer. For the same reason, we have enlisted some of the methodologies in software development for mobile apps.


One of the most popular forms of methodologies in software development is Agile. In Agile methodology, a task is performed which comprises of a cycle that goes for 2 to 3 weeks.

Once each cycle is completed, it’s then reviewed by the client. The client then approves the cycle or provides feedback, hence through this method the client holds the most power as to how improved the quality is going to be.

In Agile methodology, one task might require more than one cycle, hence time could increase for total completion based on the requirement addition.

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In-app development, there will be some parts that are small and then some which can be break into the smaller part.

Usually, the app development comprises several member teams, while each of them is assigned a task.

In scrum, the manager holds the most power as he will be managing the assigning part and ensure that small parts are divided among each developer so that work is catered to most professionally.


Sometimes breaking the part is not the best option, so one of the methodologies in software development that focus more on continuous delivery rather than dividing parts is Kanban.

Through Kanban, the developers are more efficient in working together since all stages which are required in the development phased have been chalked out properly via a Kanban board.

Through these strategies, there would be fewer bottlenecks, delays, and above all efficiency among team members, as everyone can view their part ahead of time.


Most of the projects are done through this methodology, waterfall. It indicates that once a task is completed, a new task will not proceed.

When opting for this type of methodologies in software development, it’s important to create a solid development plan.

Also, project managers have to lead teams effectively as they alone ensure the status of work and whether they can make sure to complete the project on time.


The prototyping methodology is a refined version of the waterfall methodology. In this method, after a single task is completed, the process requires creating a prototype so that to understand how to proceed with the next iteration.

Although it’s pretty much understandable that prototype methodology is more time-consuming but helps in making the app work thoroughly.


For large and more complex projects, you need something more than simple iteration or waterfall, as more risk is involved. For that, we need the risk-driven type of methodology known as Spiral.

This is one type of methodologies in software development that focus on more than one method for a process so that we have a sort of plan A, B, and C, based on its non-workability.

More documentation work is needed to fulfill the spiral methodology as each iteration requires a set of requirements that ensure that work is completed on time.

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Lean Startup

As the name suggests, the Lean startup methodology is more effective for startup companies who have a limited budget and in a quicker manner.

Through this lean methodology, the startup company will build, measure, and learn through their app development so that product is refined on limited capital.

The approach requires a minimum amount of iteration as well as feedback to produce Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to its final stage.

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