We need a big old checklist to complete a certain task. A list of things that assist us in our endeavor, especially if we are compiling it for mobile app development.

No app development can be completed without tools at our disposal which greatly benefit us in achieving our goal, which to create mobile app tools.

Top 5 mobile app development tools used

Several tools help us in the quest for mobile app tools and keep on coming in now and then. What we are most interested in finding the top mobile app tools tools which changed the development methodologies to our benefit.

Plus with the help of these mobile app development tools, developers start to gain invaluable experience in working with these tools and greatly getting accustomed to their work.

For the sake of understanding, we have divided the mobile app tools tools with their technology trace, native and hybrid.

Native mobile development tools

The native mobile app development is as old as the smartphone itself. With the first-ever technology that hit the shelves and could be referred to as the most stable tools among the rest, then it’s not wrong to say that these native mobile development tools are the safest bet for an upcoming or seasonal mobile app developer.

1. XCode

For all of our iOS fanboys and app developers, XCode is your gateway even if you need to create a hello world app on your iPhone.

XCode although refers to the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with complete off the shelf tools to support the iOS development.

The software itself can only run on a Mac Operating System and is free to use. Plus there is more than enough material available for learning and grasping all the basics of XCode.

2. Android Studio

For the other part of the world, there we have a highly popular mobile OS which is known as Android. These apps can be built through a dedicated tool equipped with the latest support libraries for Android, known as Android Studio.

Android Studio is a powerhouse to develop Android apps, including an inbuilt emulator to test the apps along the way.

In includes built tool, Android libraries, external package support, and various other tools which support a mobile app developer to unleash the true potential of mobile app development.

Cross-Platform mobile development tools

Besides the above mentioned native tools, there are other forms of tools that support native mobile app tools, but there’s a catch. Developing mobile apps through a native tool is more time consuming and expensive.

Hence what we are aiming to improve the mobile app tools in terms of accessibility and highly robust support system, which ensures that resources being used in mobile app development is decreased exponentially.

That’s why its imperative to understand the importance of hybrid app development in the world of mobile app tools.

3. Xamarian

Considered to be among the first hybrid mobile app development tool being introduced from Microsoft, Xamarian can build iOS, and Android Apps all using a single code base.

It uses .Net as a programming language to bridge the gap between two platforms, through the window of WebView.

Xamarian consists of various tools and features including a code editor, testing, debugging, cloud-publishing and refactoring. Not only that but with Azure cloud storage available within the platform, mobile app developers can communicate with a lively community for their app development needs.

4. Ionic

A free and highly popular mobile app tools tool that can be used to make progressive web apps for both iOS and Android.

Equipped with Angular standard protocols, Ionic can also support CLI operations, which makes things more in control of the app developer.

With every essential feature required from a mobile app tools environment, Ionic ensures that natives feel like the app is being produced all through a single code base.

5. React Native

Experts from Facebook, after developing React for Web have managed to refine the platform further for the mobile application world and named React Native.

As the name suggests, the React Native can design apps with a native element from both iOS and Android without writing different codes for both. It uses Javascript advance language known as ECMA script, which makes things light and easier on the app developer.

With the improvement of some in-house features and after the third-party solution form Expo, mobile deployment and testing have become easy for the mobile app development world.

Additional mobile app development tools

There is absolutely no shortage of amazing tools which eventually ensures that an app developer manages to create top-class apps for their clients and businesses.

Some of the renowned mobile app tools tools consist of Eclipse with Java SDK, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, App code, Ninox, NativeScript, Onsen UI and a lot of others around the belt.

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