Mobile app development is becoming popular in Singapore due to rising mobile phone usage trends. Businesses are adopting mobile apps rapidly as they want to reap the benefits of the mobile phone era as soon as possible. Mobile app development technologies have been improving over the years allowing app developers to churn out quality mobile app development at a shorter time.

Enterprise mobile apps are being adopted at very high rates as governments are also pushing digitalisation in traditional businesses. Governments are pushing smart nations in corporations and organisations. That is where mobile app development companies and mobile app consultants can come in and play a part in helping traditional businesses digitalise.

Businesses are starting to develop their in-house mobile apps, or enterprise mobile apps, along with consumer apps, which are front facing to their customers. Both have their extreme benefits and it depends on which mobile app development company is chosen to do the mobile app development. The better the company, the better the results of the mobile app.

For both consumer mobile apps and enterprise mobile apps, finding the top mobile app development companies in Singapore is a crucial factor in the success of the mobile app. There are a few factors to look out for in a mobile app development company. You can learn more about choosing the right mobile app development company here.

What defines the best mobile app development companies depend on many factors. There are hundreds of mobile app development companies in Singapore but we have narrowed the list down to the top 20 mobile app development companies in Singapore.

This list is based on portfolio, experience, technological know-how, UI/UX design, development time, reputation, reviews, maintenance package etc. All these will be helpful for companies in helping businesses understand which mobile app development companies are the most suitable for the business.

Based on our research, here are the top mobile app development companies in Singapore:

  1. SleekDigital
  2. Oasis Web Asia
  3. Vinova
  4. Codigo
  5. Rainmaker Labs
  6. Massive Infinity
  7. Buuuk
  8. Codigeeks
  9. Frontline
  10. HokuApps
  11. Robust Tech House
  12. Skylark
  13. Novatise
  14. Fooyo
  15. Singsys
  16. Zoliotech
  17. Swag Soft
  18. Ranosys Technology
  19. App Developer
  20. Square Fresco

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