There are various types of software companies in Singapore which are providing various forms of services as per the requirement of clients.

From custom app development to website and much more, all can be expected from the best software company in Singapore to deliver.

For the same reason, we have listed down 20 best software companies in Singapore which are continuously providing value addition to business in Singapore and all over the world.


If you are trying to find one of the best software company in Singapore, look no further because SleekDigital got you back.

SleekDigital is a professional app development company that provides services from Enterprise app development, startup app development, IoT apps, M-Commerce, and a lot more.

They also provide bespoke software from web to desktop which is of high quality and above all, the best customer satisfaction that you can get.


The company that offers top-class development services is always considered among the top. One such company is Buuuk.

Custom software development takes a great level of expertise as well as farsightedness which very few companies possess.

Buuuk, being one of the best software company in Singapore, provide services from App development, Design, and Maintenance, basically everything needed from a top-notch app development company.


PSIBerTech Solutions understands what’s the trend of today is like, where businesses are competing rigorously like never before.

To make oneself prominent among your rival business while at the same time provide a high level of solution to your client, you need nothing short of than best software company in Singapore.

PSIBerTech Solution offered services includes, Web application, mobile app development, cloud apps, maintenance solution, and basically every form of bespoke development work.

Nimble App Genie

Clients when looking for the best software company in Singapore, need an all-in-one package. Meaning the company does not just develop software, they know how to scale it and market as well.

Nimble App Genie is one such company with a great level of expertise in software development. The services offered by them include Android app development, iOS app development, Web development, UI/UX Design, maintenance and support, AI/ML, and SaaS solutions.


Slash is different from other software development companies. Their main core is to offer a solution to business which are pin-point and based on practical services.

Solution provided by Slash includes Corporate clients, Startups, and Non-Profit or Gov entities. From Expansion to support, or from innovation to connect with the evergrowing digital eco-system, Slash seems to be the right digital partner for the job.

Lizard Global

Every idea that a business has needs an expert’s opinion. If that idea requires software company consultation, you need a digital consultancy of the highest order.

Lizard Global is regarded as one of the best software companies in Singapore as they provide an avid range of services for their clients. These services include Digital consultancy, UI/UX Design, Technical consultancy, Software development, Growth consultancy, and digital marketing strategy.


SMITIV means business, and that’s why on their official website, all they are interested in is to showcase their work portfolio.

Besides the amazing work offered by SMITV, the services offered for customers includes App development, Web development, and maintenance or scalability of your existing software including web or app.


A reliable software company is a way to go because they offer services for the long run. And one of the important things about software projects is that they need a lot of manpower and hours to make them a success.

RNS Sol as the name suggests isis a Reliable and Secure Solution that offers services that include blockchain services, cyber security, AI, and Designing of your software solution.


Collatree is a software solution that offers not just services but also off-the-shelf software to solve business problems sooner rather than later.

In most terms, a business is not sure what to have for their idea, what they need is a workable software that can either solve their issue or help them better imagine the solution.

Some of the products offered by Collatree include Learning Management, Hospitality Management, Products Management, and Relationship Management.

For services, they offer Digital marketing strategy, Mobile app development, Website development, e-Commerce development, and a lot more.


Times like today’s are the toughest and nothing like we have seen before. Every business is striving for more, while startups are trying to reach to unicorn level. All of them with minimum budget and time.

UVIK is just on the mark as being one of the best software company in Singapore to offer more popular services like Python development, DevOps, React Native and React development. All of these technologies are the latest and produce a cost-effective solution with quality to the maximum.

Amana Asia

These today’s fast-emerging technology, which is taking the businesses by storm, is quite evident to either adopt the latest tech and integrate it into your business or get side-tracked and dissolved by a business that has adopted it successfully.

Amana Asia provides software development solution that ranges from Application maintenance, Blockchain technology, cloud migration, desktop app development, mobile apps development, and web app development.


A business that is on the lookout for the best software company in Singapore is actually making its internal system efficient or increasing its business threshold.

Emurgo is considered a software development firm that is a professional in providing services including, Enterprise development, App & Web development, UI/UX design, IT consulting, and blockchain development.


A company who has the expertise to provide outstanding business solution are the one which entrepreneurs are looking for.

SEA is one such company with expertise in nopCommerce development, System development, Access Macro Programming, UI/UX Design, and mobile app development services.

Kyanon Digital

Innovation is needed for every business, whether it’s old and new. This is important in many aspects, out of which two are most essential, one is changing dynamics for customers and unimaginable competition.

Kyanon Digital seems to be offering the right solution for every type of business. The service offered by them includes software development, mobile app development, web app development, ML/AI, Maintenance & Support.

Orient Software

The main ingredient to finding the best software company in Singapore is to check case studies, portfolios, and services offered by them.

Orient Software seems to know the drill as their main website provide all such important element needed to showcase the importance of the service provider.

The service offered by such companies includes software development, QA testing, Data science, AI, IoT, application maintenance, and support.


When the business has a lot of data and an ordinary app development cannot handle it without some out-of-the-box thinking, here’s what a client is looking for is an expert digital consultant.

Talking about such the best software company in Singapore, Gramener leads the list. With their outstanding digital consultation, and solutions like AI, Satellite imagery, and automated information processing, this company is the next level for next-level businesses.

Bizzman Web

Bizzman Web needs some introduction as they are regarded as the best software company in Singapore.

The company provides custom software development work for a business that is looking for custom work for their business. A solution like an app development, web development, digital consultancy, and support & maintenance.

Explorate Global

The world of technology is of two forms, one is of old days, which most old school businesses rely on, while the other is trending tech, which is vastly being adopted by startups.

Explorate Global seems to understand this phenomenon and separated it out for customers to understand. The services offered by them include Web development, App development, Digital marketing, Prototyping, and design strategy.

The uniqueness about Explorate Global is that they have listed down technology for each work which makes them even more confident about their methodologies and tech stack adopted within their environment.

MXG Soft

There are some software companies which are known for their particular service. The same can be said for MXG Soft.

The said company provide web development services only, that includes, web development, eCommerce, website transformation, and portfolio development site.

Capillary Tech

The client with an existing setup needs a management solution, usually for insight, engagement, commerce, storage, or loyalty awarding systems.

Capillary Tech seems to understand this trend and they are providing services that include software development solutions for retail, apparel fashion, restaurant, consumer goods, and hypermarkets.