It’s quite important for customers that are interested in mobile app development works should outsource to a professional mobile app development company.

Some of the important reason for outsourcing our project is low cost and dedicated team of professional working solely on your product. All of this benefit will lead to a quality app which has more chance to get the needed popularity among thousands of other apps in the market.

Below are the top 10 mobile app development company in Singapore which is known for producing some amazing work for clients all over the world.


SleekDigital top priority is to provide excellent software development services to their clients. They have all the right expertise to produce outstanding app software along with after-sales services, something you can only expect from a dedicated developer agency.

Including the services from SleekDigital, they provide ERP system development, digital consultation, enterprise apps, start-up apps, and IoT apps.

With over 6 years of experience in producing mobile apps for diverse clients, SleekDigital is the right digital partner for your mobile app development needs.


The mobile app development company undergoes a comprehensive development regime that ensures that quality approval for the app exceeds the expectation of the client.

Vinova offers the mobile app development solution which ranges from iOS and Android development, mobile game development, and Web applications.

They are also efficient in producing cross-platform applications using hybrid technology which is an amazing solution for start-ups with low budgets but no compromise on quality.

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Hipster Inc

Whether is a web or app development solution, you need a technology partner which works with you throughout the timeframe of the project.

One of such mobile app development company in Singapore is Hipster Inc. The services offered by Hipster Inc are all essential software development services, IT services, and ready-made software.

With a diverse portfolio and several years of experience, Hipster Inc has been able to make its mark as one of the explicit IT development company in Singapore.


There are usually two types of services which client requires when they are in the lookout of a professional mobile app development company. Either it’s iOS, Android, or both.

Along with the app platform development, the company must also provide a development service for the Web that features either a landing page for a mobile app or a web admin panel to control app features using the web.

Applify is considered one of the top-rated developer agency in Singapore with a solid portfolio and a good track record in producing apps for happy customers.


People need an advanced form of mobile apps like Amazon or Alibaba. Such apps come under the umbrella of eCommerce mobile apps with a lot of business logic.

Zoliotech is one of the finest mobile app development company in Singapore which mainly offer app development, eCommerce, Web development and testing services.

The mobile apps built by Zoliotech undergo fierce quality control as well as complete guide and training to clients who are interested to adopt the technology to improve their standing in today’s competitive market.


The true outsourcing service provider works as a one-window operation like providing hosting and domain solutions along with testing, deployment, and after-sales service.

With one of such solutions provided by Intelegain, the services provided by the company ranges from Digital marketing, start-up services, cloud services, and disruptive technologies along with being one of the leading developer agency in Singapore.

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Originally Us

A mobile development team that thinks nothing but the extreme quality is Originally Us. They have a team of experts with amazing track records as well as outstanding development prowess which is regarded as the need of the hour.

With services extended from UI/UX, app development, cybersecurity, chatbox intelligence, and IoT, Originally Us seems to know their trade of work quite well.


A true mobile app development company in Singapore will work with its client till the end and provide quality-based work.

Codigo provides a fulfilled service including UX, UI, consultancy, app, and web development services. With a colorful portfolio, they can produce an outstanding solution for clients all over the world.


There’s very few mobile app development company which offer everything related to mobile app development.

CodiGeeks is considered among such companies. The services provided by them include iOS, Android, Web apps, app maintenance, consultancy, EMS, and UI/UX. It’s everything that a client ever needs regarding app development work.

Square Fresco

Mobile app development solutions are quite many, but what clients are looking for is easy to deal with companies that are very much user friendly in discussing as well as producing more than expected software. Square Fresco is considered as one such company hands down.