Looking for the top 10 mobile app development companies in Singapore? You came to the right place. There are some professional and experienced app development companies providing app development services for both individuals and corporations.

There are various other platforms through which we can obtain app development assistance but none can beat the professionalism shown by these Top 10 mobile app development companies in Singapore.

1. SleekDigital

Price: $10,000

Team: 10-50

SleekDigital has been providing mobile app development services for over 5 years. While working for arid of different industries, they have become more exclusive towards corporations and organizations’ app development needs.

Because of their profound portfolio, it seems SleekDigital ranked at the heights ranking in our Top 10 mobile app development companies in Singapore. 

Besides developing mobile apps, they also work on the website and digital marketing solutions for their customers.


Price: $50,000

Team: 10-50

Working on both large and small projects, Buuuk has finally able to crack the code of the mystery that many customers are looking for, such as how to create those apps with the maximum amount of ROI.

With amazing app developers and designers within their team, and around a decade long experience, Buuuk has gained a tremendous reputation as an emerging app development firm.

For the same reason, it ranked 2nd at our top 10 mobile app development companies in Singapore.


Price: $20,000

Team: 10-50

Started since 2010, Vinova has been engaged in providing app development services in Singapore with great zeal and devotion.

As per their official details, they have worked for around 80+ mobile apps belonging to different industries, which has given a much-needed grasp on technological expertise.

Providing services for local and international clients alike and gaining great reviews as well, we find Vinova to place 3rd in our top 10 mobile app development companies in the Singapore list.

Rainmaker Labs

Price: $25,000

Team: 50-200

Rainmaker Labs since its inception in 2011 has been working alongside heavyweights of the industry such as Hitachi, and Ryde. Their portfolio seems to be among the best ones which gained them tremendous coverage of their digital footprint.

With a large team of experts, Rainmaker seems to further build their grasp by providing app development services to domestic as well as international clients.

They are placed at 4th position in our list.


Price: $10,000

Team: 250-999

To help businesses grow through digitalization and innovative technologies, HokuApps has made the name for themselves within high profile clients both national and international levels.

The advanced information-driven team has managed to produce some tremendous apps since 2014. The process adopted by HokuApps has simplified the lives of many businesses that find their expertise as the next level.

We would proudly place HokuApps in 5th place in our list.

Accubits Technologies Inc

Price: $5,000

Team: 50-299

Accubits Technologies Inc is a team of professionals with tremendous potential to create innovative app development for their customers.

Their portfolio is usually related to AI and Blockchain industry, which is being picked lightning fast by many emerging markets internationally.

 We have ranked them in 6th position for our Top 10 mobile app development companies in Singapore.

Amana Asia PTE LTD

Price: $5,000

Team: 10-49

When a client needs a good quality mobile apps, they should find that dream come true in a cost-effective manner by hiring Amana Asia PTE LTD.

To provide innovative and next-generation mobile app solutions for both start-ups and corporations, they have gained a lot of exposure to the industry in recent times.

We would like to place Amana Asia PTD LTD in 7th position in our list.


Price: $5,000

Team: 10-59

A mobile app can become the next generation only if it follows the latest trends accompanying the latest technologies at the same time. It seems Codigo has managed to do just that.

With a relatively small team of experts, Codigo has emerged as one of the big names within the app development industry in this part 3 years.

They truly deserve 8th place in our Top 10 mobile app development companies in Singapore list.

Originally US

Price: $25,000

Team: 10-49

Started in 2016, Originally Us with its profound marketing tactics has able to reach among the top companies.

They mostly focus on app development consultancy services for both local and international clients. Over the past years, they have enabled big companies to have their app development strategies lined up and improve their business tenfold.

We would like to give 9th position in our Top 10 mobile app development companies in Singapore list.

Swag Soft

Price: $10,000

Team: 10-49

With over 51 apps within their belt, Swag Soft are pioneers in partner to create tremendous mobile apps. They have worked for Samsung and BMW to provide app solutions with amazing results.

With methods that change the lives of their client’s business, we would like to give them 10th position in our list of Top 10 mobile app development companies in Singapore.

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