Many people consider eCommerce for website only, although with 95% of people visiting an eCommerce website from a mobile phone, why not go with native mobile commerce and see astounding growth in business. This article will explain the top 10 advantages of mobile commerce for a startup that is looking to increase sales for their business.

Accelerate buying experience

A startup with a limited budget should look for a solution that helps them accelerate business and enable growth sooner rather than later.

Because of extreme competition, the buyer will leave within 2 seconds if the experience is not up to standard.

That’s where the mobile app comes into rescue and it’s considered one of the top advantages of mobile commerce, as it helps, improves the buying experience from start to finish for the user.

Wide accessibility

According to the BoardBand Search survey, more people are buying products from visiting their mobile phones. It can be using the browser but having an app setup has more effect as it provides a native format that is highly customized and fast to navigate between pages.

As an app installs within your mobile phone, you can even use the store without the internet. That’s where the real advantages of mobile commerce come into place since it provides wide accessibility for people.

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Better customer reachability

A business wants more customers to take interest in its brand and products. To do that, they need to present more avenues or options which enable them to buy from anyone they prefer.

There might be some customer who prefers purchasing from the website, then there might be mobile users who always go to business with dedicated mobile commerce through a native app.

Covering both venues for commerce is a standard procedure to make your brand reach the maximum of customers, and that’s considered one of the advantages of mobile commerce.

Unlocks marketing opportunities 

Mobile commerce offers an excellent opportunity to engage in effective marketing and branding which is more personalized.

When we look for a marketing solution, we are bound with action adopted by the user, either in the form of email, social media, or Google search. One of the advantages of mobile commerce in marketing is the use of push notifications.

The push notification presents a new venue for marketing through which businesses can offer offers or notify their user about new products with a customized notification which leads them directly towards a particular page on click.

Better use of Customer data 

When a business offer services through mobile app commerce, they can store and use customer data as per the privacy law.

According to law, the data can be used for promotional purposes of the current business only, but we can utilize their details more fluently.

As the app is connected with a highly customized setup, a business can find this feature as one of the major advantages of mobile commerce.

Improved customer experience

There’s no denying the fact that customer experience and improved sales are directly linked. A business that invests to acquire improved customer experience will surely see the fruits of its investment in numbers

Discussing the top advantages of mobile commerce, a good design goes a long way in promoting the brand as well as making the entire experience for buying the product more streamlined.

Seamless Communication channel

In an app, you can integrate a dedicated communication feature such as live chat which is faster and above all-natural to use by the customer.

The customer should never get confused or remained unanswered because that’s where cart abandonment numbers start. Only the app can have a seamless communication channel to a level that is not possible for a website-based eCommerce store.

Personification in content

An app can include content like a website, but with more personalization. What these advantages of mobile commerce mean for customers is that content is easier to view, more natural, and above all understandable.

The transition between pages includes messages as well and can be utilized to get even more elements of awe through proper marketing structure.

Added benefits of Geolocation 

With peripherals that the app provides, one of such is Geo Positioning System or GPS. With GPS, the app can utilize the pinpoint location of the customer and offer features that help them in their buying experience.

One of such is changing currency per location while the more advanced form is through the use of localized shop extension which helps them offer notification for a location near their current location.

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Extension with traditional retain the sale

Every traditional store can make their app and reap the advantages of mobile commerce as it works as an extension.

A store that already has a website or physical store can improve sales through an app store since more people prefer shopping through their mobile than ever before. We cannot deny what statistics offer to us.

Interested to learn more about the advantages of mobile commerce in Singapore?

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