Most of the clients how to get remotely interested in getting their app developed takes a mighty shock when learning the cost of mobile app development in Singapore.

There’s a reason for the high price for apps and this article, we will try our best to explore in-depth what is the science behind the high cost of app development in general.

Designers on board

The first thing an app leads to a might high price for apps is because a professional app must look professional.

This means that a mobile app needs the expertise of designers to assist in how the overall app looks. 

That indicates on two fronts, first on mobile version and secondly on the desktop version for backend, because most of the enterprise apps have a backend which needs to be developed separately and adds the cumulative cost of mobile app development in Singapore.

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Work on the first impression

The mobile app can be made by even a high school student, but that app looks more like a test app rather than something shipped out for clients.

The customers acknowledge the first impression of the app design and UX. The better the quality of the app, most clients will keep using it.

Other elements work on the total cost of mobile app development in Singapore when considered a positive impression. Such as app speed, easy to use, and above all finely detailed app.


Most of the large app which tends to create more income for businesses have the online feature of some sort. 

We can visualize a simple new app for understanding in better terms how the price for apps increases.

The server-side includes hosting, separate coding work, and even some third-party solution which all adds up more cost of mobile app development in Singapore.

App supported for different platform version

An app can only be better in terms of quality and popularity when many users are using it. This tends to add some more workload on the developers when different mobile versions are into consideration.

Talking about the Android platform, there are different versions with different technologies that need to be optimized in proper terms.

If an app is developed solely for the latest version, there are still some section which will be unable to use the app, which impacts negatively on the business. 

But if supported on around 99% of the market share, the cost of mobile app development in Singapore will surely be increased.

Need optimized coding

The coding alone is not enough for the app to reach the top brass. This is because the app needs to run fast and if there are bugs found; it should be fixed promptly.

When any software is written uncleanly, it adds more time for fixing bugs and adding new updates. It’s also possible that the overall app’s user-experience will be decreased to a greater extend.

Hiring a more professional coder or a company will surely increase the price for apps but adds more speed and efficiency overall.

Difference between Experienced coder vs an amateur

Talking about experience coders, there are also amateur developers available in the market. The client can avail their services for their app, but it’s different in many aspects when the same app is written by the experienced coder.

For example, an experienced coder will work quickly, more diligently, and cleanly. If more developers are needed to write an app, an experienced developer can gel in more naturally.

But when amateur developers are in the mix, the code quality will be affected and deadlines may be also not properly met.

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Reaching your audience is oxygen for the business

Let’s look at the other aspect of the cost of mobile app development in Singapore for business, which is in the form of investment. 

When business is looking to increase their market share or branding, they have to tend to every possible channel, such as website, social media, and even apps.

Once a good app is released and installed on a device, people will start using it without any issue. A good design, better quality, and the top of it, dual-platform compatibility will make the business impact on a positive scale.

Looking to learn more about the cost of mobile app development in Singapore?

The total cost of mobile app development in Singapore should always be examined more by contacting the app development company. 

If that’s the case, at Sleek Digital, we will try to provide the complete picture of the app cost as well as the process that we follow.