The world is moving forward with unprecedented speed when it comes to chatting and messaging apps, either it’s a simple text-based chatbot, to a more advanced one on one messaging app, people love to use this app development technology in order to make their lives better. These Messaging apps and groups chat apps are not only becoming popular, but it has started to expand its horizon into becoming more advanced, innovative, easy to use and attractive for mobile users, businesses and teams belong to every industry. Due to the very demand, it has been observed that new messaging apps are flooding into the market of all shapes and sizes, app developers are also on the rise of such technologies.

In Singapore, it has been found out that the usage of messaging app has exceeded the usage of social media by month, and the divergence is growing as the time goes by. Increasing amount of new features are being added directly to the chat interface which brings feasibility to its users. Now question arises, what type of chatting apps should the market is willing to accept? It is certain that the market has maintained a high level of benchmark for message apps to become accepted by the masses. To proceed with it, there are numerous core characteristics of the app that users have come to consider and without those features, the app wouldn’t stand a change into the fast-growing app market.

For your next chatting app, you would like to take it to the next level, separating yours from countless chat apps out there, or are you looking to build a messaging functionality into your current application in order to provide a better user accessibility and get more outreach. Through using an amazing number of easily accessible APIs, and integration tools, we are now able to achieve amazing chatting apps for our customers. In this blog post, we will go through the features that user come to expect from future chatting apps and more innovation which we can apply in the future.

A Conventional Chat app features

There are some basic features every app developer Singapore for chatting apps must provide to its users, either its one-on-one or one-to-many. Below are some features that are a must for any messaging app:

– Send messages and receive real-time.

– join a group or chat room,

– Message history is easily retrievable through storing it, and show it either through the infinite scroll, or load more message with quick response time.

– All messages must show time of sending

– The contact list should be updated in real time if any user goes offline/online/away.

– Show an indication when a user is currently typing.

– Provide push notification when user is currently offline and a message is received.

– The channels must be protected when communicating with users privately through proper accessing feature.

– Able to add other users to a group, or ability to block them from a group.

– Functionality to send gifs, images and videos

– Emojis

Features to set yours apart from others

The above-mentioned features can be seen only every chatting app out there, so developing an app just using the above characteristics may not provide the expected publicity as anticipated. So the only choice to have your chatting app highlighted among others is to bring some advanced features into it. Down the road, we will talk about what features are necessary for the future chatting app which will set them apart from others. The features are all related to how the technology of chatting is shaping into our lives and what lies beyond the horizon.


Before talking about the solid features that the future chatting app must include and different procedures taken by app owner, it’s necessary to first understand that the chatting apps should be built while keeping programmability into consideration. Though sounds complicated, the concept behind programmability is quite simple. Programmability is defined by the chat-app should be creating over the foundation of “event-driven” mechanism. Though it’s not a direct feature, but a business logic which can provide you complete authority of how you app will perform once a message is being sent or received through your chatting app.

This feature can be applied either through alerts, or generated by 3rd party software, either way, this design format should be a cornerstone in developing state-of-the-art chatting apps.


Users sometimes feel frustrated when they want to update their location to others, for that same reason, they have to switch between different apps, like WhatsApp user has to take help from Google maps and it goes back and forth. Instead of this dilemma it’s fruitful for app developers to deliver geolocation functionality directly to your chat app.

Cotopaxi, a chatting app which delivers location updates directly platform-based. So according to the industry standards, this feature must provide updates on two facets.

– Live map should be embedded with real-time location based tracking, available directly to the messaging app.

– Provide directions from point A to B and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETAs) functionality directly into the messaging app.

Much business can benefit from geolocation app development attribute integration for up-coming mobile apps. Companies that belong to e-Commerce can employ this practice to assets customers by monitoring their delivery packages or in real time. Additionally, we can also apply audio integration to have text-to-speech feature similar to Google Maps.

On-demand e-commerce

E-commerce is always considered a separate app, as it has many features into it, such as a cart feature, checkout, product detail, and shop. Though not as sophisticated as modern chatting app, but e-commerce integrated with chatting app can really bring huge advantages to the customers. To help understand how we can provide the prime shopping experience within our chatting app, we must use automated chatting technique or chatbots to provide an incoming stream of product listings to the chat interface. Explained below is some feasibility we can make for that amazing shopping experience.

– Provide automated chatbots and Algorithm powered systems, which can help users in browsing, and ordering the products while remaining into the chat app platform.

– provide push notification mechanism once your order is being dispatched along the fulfilment lifecycle. The push notification can also be integrated with SMS alerts for more concrete status reporting.

App Moderator

It has been encountered on countless chatting app that spammers and trolls benefit the most from these platforms. Although there are methods to block the trolls or report them, we need more advanced moderation tools to filter out messages from authentic users to trolls. This feature is must also apply for images as well, along with the text-based spam filtration. Below are some features that can help fix the trolling dilemma inside the app.

– Chat stream is moderated on the fly as messages are being flowed inside the chat platform. This method can help us to filter out irrelevant messages, or block spammers. This feature will greatly benefit for live events and businesses that provide continuous updates.

– Moderation techniques can help remove images that have disturbing content, thus making safe for minors as well.

Updated Events

Chatting apps should provide video feed functionality for live events, as well as helping users to interact with each other using text and voice based. Below are some features necessary to achieve live event property into the app.

– Connecting a chat app with live streaming functionality which shows a number of users connected to a specific live event viewing present in the event.

– Collect and analysis location of connected users to understand the demographics of your audience.

– provide the polling feature at the end of event to boost engage the user.

– Allow interaction between users by adding raising hand feature between a live streaming or upvote other messages into the stream.

Application Design and User Experience

The key for successful chatting apps is for app developers to design amazing Experience for users. Below are some advancement for a chatting app design perspective

– Instead of sending larger files, which take a huge amount of time to pack and unpack, the chatting application must allow sending the file through an efficient manner. One way is to provide a reference of the file where it has temporarily hosted for users to download.

– allow users to mark a message a favourite in order to bookmark it for later use.

– Add message searching and tagging within a message.

AI based automated chatbots

Chatbots are a great way for your app to have that 21st century feeling, if incorporated using advanced methodologies and practices. Fortunately, there are many sophisticated chatbots platforms in the market available for our use. Chatbots uses chat service to search out specific queries about a message using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI). Using 3rd party service, we can integrate chatbots specifically into our chatting application.

There are many advantages of automatic chatbots in an app. Poncho, a chatting service powered by automated chatbots provide weather updates to the user when quires using a location name. Here are some more benefits ripped from automated chatbots based chatting apps:

– Automated chatbots are equipped on replying when query is certain. To understand this concept, let’s say a user is in active chat session with a support team member. It’s possible that the team member is not available at all times, so to help you entertain them later, we can use the help of a chatbots by registering the user’s email id by generated an automated response like “All of our agents are busy at the moment. Please send us your email address so that we can get back to you”. This method saves time for users and helps the businesses to cover up unentertained visitors.

– Chatbots can send automated messages if the provided data is available and access by the system. This method is best suited for ecommerce businesses, when a user wants to buy a certain product, The hatbox would be able to provide its link to help them navigate to the product quicker. For more specific query, like getting status of the order, automated chatbots can also provide status from data stored in its system by asking the order id and email id. This procedure not only protects the user’s interest but also provide convenience to the user.

– Chatbots can enhance the user experience by providing specific questions and offering automated answers based on the specific event. If user is navigating through a payment page, chatbots can provide coupons which he can use from.

– Amalgamated with browse history, user activity and search results, chatbots can offer recommendations and reply to users in real time.

3rd party Integration

Interaction with a 3rd party APIs is considered a broad topic and cannot be summarized as a single feature. Though, this technology can be related with 3rd party software combined from your own feature, which overall enhances the user experience. Below are some benefits obtained using external services or 3rd party APIs.

– Collaborate with 3rd party apps to increase your efficiency.

– Using 3rd party solutions, you can trigger alert notification, like SMS, automated calls, push notification and browser notification.

– Add conference calling with video chat feature, which brings interactive environment among the users.

– Personalize the chatting app through creating standalone API to fulfil unattended features.


Providing your users a complete ownership of their app is best approach for long term collaboration. Through analytics domain, many user are interested in knowing the statistics of their app usage, when provided, helps the user and business to strengthen further. Some of the roles a chatting app can achieve through providing analytic approach with user are listed.

– For businesses that rely on customer support, messaging apps could allow users to see average chat time, time required for an agent to connect end users, time taken to close a chat and show ratings of specific agent all in real time

– Analyze active location of the user helps to better understand what user is interested in.

Future and beyond:

At SleekDigital, we provide a fast and reliable service for developing B2B mobile application development at all scales, from small, medium to large enterprise. We operate from Singapore but provide service across the country. It is our job to meet customer needs of any shape and size when it comes to mobile application. We, at SleekDigital, understand the futurist importance of chatting apps. As the time advances, so does the technology and services, so adopting the latest trend is not an option but the need of the hour if we analyze closely.

For future of chatting applications, we have seen up until the present times that prime focus of chatting apps is mostly conversation between human beings. But it’s now been featured on countless articles and news that AI is shaping into its trend as time goes by. As this technology is still on the verge of a breakthrough, many data scientist on consider the UI to be the part of their work, as perfecting the AI is the prime focus. The use of AI is so vast that it not only restricted to software but hardware as well. Like through Facebook, you can now order a Uber cab using your chat engine, thus saving effort from going to one app in to another. Still there are many services which cannot be automated using AI for time being. The important thing to understand is the User Experience, and if an AI is unable to provide a seamless experience to its users, the app won’t be popular among the masses.


Chatting apps are evolving without a doubt as we can see it from our own eyes to a simple messaging app to a more complex network of adaptation using AI recognition; the technology is getting more mature as time goes by. These services are benefiting every business, from healthcare, education, to e-commerce and transportation. These apps have become a part of human society, so having more advancements into chatting apps not only give you a boost in sales but to cater problems into society as well.

SleekDigital is an App Developer in Singapore that helps businesses transform digitally. We also offer digital transformation consultation and general digital consultation for companies who are looking for suggestions of different systems to be integrated. This is more of companies who lack a digital consultant to propose technologies. Arrange a digital consultation with us today!