Technology is making our lives easier, and there’s no second opinion on it. For example, let’s take app development, where traditionally it’s required to develop using custom software, bit how through various online iOS app development in Singapore, the development can be done through drag and drop editor, but there are some disadvantages while using it along with advantages.

When talking about advantages, online iOS app development in Singapore requires no programming skills, helps the saving budget, and has a tremendous amount of speed to develop apps.

Although the disadvantages require more detail since the drag and drop are so good to be true if it can suffice for all types of mobile app development projects.

Template limitation

If you have some idea on Content Management System, the design is based on a template if you don’t have the skills the customer theme development.

The template is limited to the design that it provides, the design for the list, button, and modules are also quite limited as per the template.

Due to this limitation, the online iOS app development in Singapore will surely hamper using the true potential that a mobile app provides.

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Can’t edit structure or code

The structure code on which the template is made, editing it will difficult if not impossible.

The online iOS app development in Singapore doesn’t offer core editing if you need to add new features into the app which is out of the provided template.

What the online iOS app development in Singapore provides is to use a template for the app to create an app that is fast and looks professional.

Bound to a specific platform

When we talk about app development, we have the two biggest platforms, iOS, and Android. Using an online iOS app development in Singapore will only direct us towards developing single-platform apps.

But to harness the true potential of the app business, it’s important to produce apps for both platforms because, at the end of the day, businesses want to make their app used by everyone to maximize the profits.

You partially own the product

This is also the biggest drawback of developing mobile apps online, which is all the code will reside on the server and you can’t export it.

All you can get is the IPA file for iOS products and for editing the content, you have to rely on the online iOS app development in Singapore.

This is quite a big limitation of you need to scale the existing code either using a custom app development or use an existing template. You have to do it all over again from scratch.

Unable to integrate 3rd party APIs

There are some amazing third party APIs which mobile app can use to get things done fast and reliably.

One of the biggest drawbacks of using online iOS app development in Singapore is that you can’t call third-party APIs using the normal manner.

If the particular online app development tool supports the third party API, only then you can use, although there are API for design, functionality, and others. The true potential for the app can only be possible with third-party features.

Limited changes out of template

As we have explained above, the changes done by the online iOS app development in Singapore through template will always be limited.

Within the template, you already have limited features to work on. Outside of the template, you can change few things only but that too might break your template hence extreme care needs to be under consideration.

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Poor support

There might be a time when you as a non-developer will be engaged in online iOS development. Although when you get stuck, the support for the particular content creation will be quite limited.

For custom development, the developer will continuously consult the online community since the programming used by iOS is already quite popular and there is a 99% chance that the problem you are searching for has already been solved through the internet. The same can’t be said for using online iOS app development in Singapore.

Want to choose something better than online iOS app development Singapore?

From learning about the drawbacks of online iOS app development in Singapore, the disadvantages far outweigh its advantages if you are looking to invest in a solid mobile app.

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