App Development Company is a company that develops mobile apps for other companies or individuals. Apart from web development, app development is the next up and coming trend of development technologies. Therefore, we can see many app development agencies coming up in Singapore that are offering app development services. Our advice to those who are looking to start an app development agency in Singapore will be to find a unique advantage. This article will be about app development companies, how to start an app development agency and also some things that you should take note of when starting out.

Starting an app development firm is generally what people do after they realise that freelancing takes up too much time. Starting an app development company in Singapore is not tough, but it is rather saturated. Like ourselves at SleekDigital, we face much competition but we have to find ways to stand out. This is also general advice to those who are considering starting an app development agency. For us at SleekDigital, we focus on providing the best app designs to our client as we believe this is the biggest factor for real ROI in apps. Moreover, we also try and propose the most suitable technologies and app features for companies to further improve their business.

App Development Technical Expertise

First things first, you should have some basic knowledge of app development. Even if you do not have app development knowledge, it is highly recommended that you find someone who has the expertise in this field. This is because if you are not technical, and you delegate the work to someone else, it might not be the best idea. This is because the app developers might not provide the most accurate information about app development.

Without an app development expertise, you should either find someone you trust that has an app development expertise or hire someone that you trust that has the expertise. This is because it is better to have someone on your side.

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Sales & Marketing

As an app development agency, you will have to find clients and build mobile apps for them. Sounds simple? There are definitely more than meets the eye. As a founder of an app development agency, you will have to find projects with different means. In order to close and acquire projects, you will need a sales and marketing team. This can be the founder himself or herself or an employee. It is good to have the founder to do the marketing and sales as he or she is the most motivated.

There are tons of marketing strategies in the market at the moment. There are offline and online marketing for app development. We have tried a number of marketing channels but what we found worked best was Google. We mainly use SEO and SEM in our marketing strategy. We also focus on inbound leads mostly as those leads are of higher quality as compared to outbound leads.

After deciding on a marketing strategy for app developments lead generation, it is important to work on your sales process. What happens when you meet a client? What happens when you present your company? You have to prepare a sales pitch if you feel applicable, as also a sales process where you have to generate invoices and quotations, proposals, etc. Every touch point with the customer has to be optimised in a way beneficial for your company.

Also, while speaking to the customer, you should have awesome sales skills so that you will have a higher chance of closing a sale. Read up or watch on YouTube about sales techniques that you can use during your sales meetings. You can also higher a Sales Executive to help you do the selling as salespeople are good at what they do.

Forming An App Development Team

The main bulk of work is done by an app development team. The founder himself or herself can be the ones that are part of the app development team. Alternatively, you can hire a group of app development expertise, app designers, project managers, project leads. If you do not want to invest so much money into the business for a start, you can outsource your projects to local app development houses or outsource them offshore. Going offshore can keep your costs lower but they have a risk of quality issues and you have not met them before.

Find reliable sources of app development teams by asking for their portfolio or trying out smaller projects with them to see their quality of work. Often than not, however, you will find slightly low-quality developers if they are cheap. Therefore, if you are looking for good development, you should be ready to invest slightly higher prices. This is because good app development teams are high in demand and thus will price themselves higher.

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Managing Projects

You also have to come up with a project management structure where you will be managing the project and trying to meet the deadlines. This is crucial as clients usually have a roadmap planned and you do not want to be delaying their entire plan.

You can do the project management yourself or hire a project manager for your projects. Basically, the project manager has to constantly test the mobile app for issues and chase the development team to be on time for the work. If you are outsourcing app development, there might be project managers in the teams that you outsource the work to, which is an advantage for you.

Good Customer Service

Apart from all these technical stuff, you must also provide a good app development customer service. When a client calls, you have to answer the phone. When a client asks for the status of projects, you have to reply promptly. You can even offer systems where the client can track their status of the project and open a ticket if there are any issues in the app development.

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All in all, we hope that you have a good time getting into the app development industry. If you are looking for an app development agency in Singapore, feel free to contact us at SleekDigital. Instead of starting a business in app development, you can also find a job in app development, read more in this article!