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QR Code App Development

QR Code Apps can help mobile apps interact with the physical world. QR Code Apps can help with efficiency and productivity in companies.


QR Code Apps quickens the process of data entry with a simple scan. By scanning a QR Code, data can be manipulated and reported in many different ways. The sky's the limit for what kind of apps we can build. The best way to illustrate the benefits is to show the examples of applications below.

How does QR Code Apps work?

QR code is basically an array of black and white squares that stores data in text form that is readable by devices such as a camera in a smartphone. Now, for a QR code app, we can enable some data to be manipulated in the database whenever a scan has been taken place. For example, we can build a mobile app where whenever you scan a QR code, it saves into the history of QR codes scanned. This is very instrumental  and there are many useful applications to this. Found below are some ways that are very useful for businesses to apply a QR Code mobile app.

Quicker Processes

Using our proposed QR systems, much time will be saved in business processes.

Record Data Efficiently

Data can be better stored with a QR Code System.

Easily Adoptable

QR Code Apps and systems do not need heavy migration to use.

Applications of QR Apps

Logcards can be generated for manufacturing assemblies, and scanning a QR code can log different processes such as “Start Assembly” or “Clock out”. These will aid data analytics and provide a new form of business intelligence to any manufacturing process.

This will ensure quality in the manufacturing process and find any inefficiencies quickly with enough data. This can also enable strict supervision from factory managers with different inputs from the app.

  • Currently, many inventory management systems simply use unique SKUs to identify different inventories or parcels in the store. They will take the unique code, key it into a computer, to get details of the inventory.
  • What we propose is a QR code system where a QR code is printed on every package in the warehouse or storage area. This way, anyone who wants to know more details of the package can simply scan the QR code. Upon scanning, the QR code mobile app can detect its data and proceed to get data from the database to present information to the user. Further data can also be taken, e.g. similar products in database.
  • This also replace another traditional technology; barcode scanners. Those are extra costs to companies and are not necessary in our Qr code app technologies. As long as a smartphone is present, we can integrate this technology easily.

QR Codes can also integrate seamlessly with technologies like IoT. We also provide IoT app development. You can read more about that HERE. In a nutshell, IoT apps allow physical devices to be controlled with a mobile app. How that applies to QR codes is that after scanning a QR code, we can automatically control a device. A simple example, we can have a QR code on a digital lock. Upon scanning the QR code on the lock, data is being called to the server, and the server calls data to the digital lock via Wifi, and the lock will be unlocked. Of course, there are security procedures to ensure that this does not end up in the wrong hands.

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