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Productivity App Development

Productivity apps are apps that help companies and individuals operate at a faster and more effective rate.

Our Productivity Apps allow our users to save time and allow them to put their efforts on more valuable actions.

Some Applications of Productivity Apps

For example, generating a report is a hassle manually. Productivity apps generate any kinds of reports from data that is being input. It is much more convenient to generate a report from data that is keyed in a mobile app that writing down on pen and paper.

Other productivity apps are apps that can help to track and analyse certain information that is valuable to an individual or a company. For example, tracking expenses and seeing revenue, and automatically generating a report every month.

Aren't there systems ready made like these out there?

Yes, there are many systems that can be bought of the shelves. What we are offering is custom development solutions from scratch, allowing companies and individuals to acquire an app that robustly suits their needs. In other words, there might be features that are lacking from the systems in the market. We are here to build your desired apps from ground up. Moreover, this gives the chance to individuals and companies to sell the software as a paid service as well.

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How is the ROI of these productivity apps?

Time is money in our current economy. Saving money means saving time. If a task that costs you 2 hours a day every day, paying S$20,000 to solve the problem saves a massive load of headaches, and only costs $13 a day, spread over 2 years, and the time saved is almost 1500 hours. The value you will produce out of the app definitely will surpass what you have paid for.

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