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Our Team

In SleekDigital, we harness the amazing talent that understands how technology works and can be put into best practice.


Outclass professional that does the job right

Our team consists of individuals that want to change the world through technology and excellent customer service

Clear Goals

At SleekDigital, every employee has a clear goal and focus which helps us achieve great success throughout.

Direction and focus
Sense of satisfaction
Undivided Motivated, especially during setbacks
Better prioritizing
Helps to Make realistic expectations

Mutual Trust

At SleekDigital, we garner mutual respect and trust to its utmost level, which helps us to keep a favorable environment to propel.

Encourages Questioning
Helps initiate innovation
Rapid Decision making
Boost morale

Consolidated Commitment

Nothing big can be accomplished without unwavering commitment, and at SleekDigital, everyone is ready to move forward without delay through complete dedication.

Improves creativity
Encourages strategy building
Help build a strong team
Promote a culture of transparency

Constant Communication

At SleekDigital, we take great pride in a solid and direct communication regime among our team members which help us work in tandem.

Resolves problems
Better clarity and direction
Improves in engagement
Enhances productivity

Internal and External Support

Support is effective not just for customers but also internally. A good support system in place reduces hindrances extremely well, and we at SleekDigital know this more than anyone else.

Relives from work stress
Learn faster when working together
Brings better results
Facilitates idea building and creativity

Effective Leadership

We At Sleek Digital promote productivity through a leading role that helps transform our team to achieve greater results.

Clear direction
Helps in making conflict resolutions
Effective work environment
Helps in creating momentum

Company Culture

When every team member is working with dedication and a clear goal, it helps in creating a positive culture. We at SleekDigital contributes to augmented value through positive culture.

Do work with enjoyment
Improves knowledge and experience
Enhances company brand
Get proud of their work
5 Years of Experience
200 Clients
1000000 Return on Investment
100 Software Developed

Meet with our Team

Lester Law

Lester Law


Lester Law started SleekDigital with one goal in mind, to transform business through technology. With over 7 years of experience in software development, Lester is looking to offer quality service for clients and provide them with transformation within and outside their organization. The success of SleekDigital speaks larger than words in terms of how technology can harness breakthroughs in better sales and marketing which cannot be possible without technology.

Joey Kwa

Joey Kwa

General Manager

Joey Kwa has been a part of SleekDigital until its inception in 2017. Through her excellent skills in project management, leadership, and client support, SleekDigital has made a name among top IT service brands in Singapore.