It is a convincing fact the companies are beginning to realise the importance of digital transformation into their model and business process, in order to make it faster, reliable and provides convenience for their customers and staff members. The road towards digital transformation is long and expensive, but in order to inaugurate the journey, the first adaptation will be over app developers and mobile technology. The main reason for this change is due to the increasing number of mobile users being introduced each day, which are constantly connected through internet, also another factor for app development being a prominent foundation for digital transformation is for a fact that app users in mobile have greatly outperformed desktop users, according to the report from ComScore insight.

Since Mobile phones have been introduced for quite some time into the market, so many entrepreneurs already have covered some sort of mobile outreach either in the form of mobile web or an app, but as the statistics show us the significant growth in mobile penetration across the world, many companies are re-visiting the domain of mobile technology in order to add more value to their brand and subsequently to their business. Still, while going in the positive direction of revamping their mobile strategies, the difficulty still exists in deciding whether to proceed with a mobile app or a mobile web. There are people with distinctive assumptions to opt for either of the mobile technologies. Mobile consultations are facing a great dilemma for customers to select the best option for their clients in order to improve their quality of business. Often people suggest for a good looking website which is mobile friendly for different pages, and others provide their opinion about a mobile app that the advantages that mobile app provide to the user are unable to deliver through a mobile website.

As both of these technologies are widely used with a lot of public acceptance, which indicates that both of this technology has some good points and both of them also facing some bad points as well. So it’s important to analyse various factors about your needs and aspirations before jumping to conclusions of developing stage.

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That Statistics: Mobile Web vs Mobile App:

According to a report called App Annie, published a study for 2015 where explains the revenue generated by the mobile app industry in 2015 alone. A report has stated that over $42 billion was earned worldwide by app development industry. The revenue will increase to $189 billion by 2020 according to the same report. The report from Mary Meeker’s annual address has established some highlights that the growth of mobile users globally has been decreased by 2017, but that doesn’t mean that mobile app development is slowing down any time soon. The demand for more mobile apps is on the rise and according to the prediction by Gartner, that over 268 billion downloads in 2018 will generate over $80 billion in revenue.

Although desktops will continue to hold its importance in the consumer market, the rate of growth that mobile phones were able to achieve is astonishing. It is implicitly understood that mobile users are increasing in numbers and more hours are spent in the usage as compared to desktops. Google has confirmed from its popular analytics, that 90% time a website is visited through mobile phones. Similar statistics have been made by eMarketer that hours spend on Mobiles are increasing while time spends on other media is decrease gradually. According to the research made by US board of entertainment, from 2016 to 2017, the average amount of time spend in mobile has been increased by 7 minutes, which adds up a total of 3 hours and 15 minutes time spent for an average person in a day. On the other hand, time spend in desktop has been reduced by 1 minute and time spent on TV is reduced by 5 minutes. The importance of all these statistics has provided us with evidence, that the companies who understand where their customers are heading ahead and carry out their plans accordingly, will have a more chance of success.

The difference: Mobile web vs Mobile app

The Mobile Web and mobile app are termed in the correspondence with the accessing through a mobile phone or handheld device such as tablets. A mobile website, like the name suggests, is a website made especially for mobile screen sizes. A mobile web is made up of browser supported HTML pages which is re-arranged according to the mobile design. The layout which adjust its elves based on the screen size are called responsive website. These responsive websites are become quite popular these days due to its application and feasibility in development stages.

A website for mobile does all the work like a normal website do, such as send email, show images, read text, watch videos and chat through website based chatting system. Some website for mobile can also support mobile based service, such as call to contact, and geo-location tracking using GPS. Alternatively, a mobile app is an application which can be downloaded from an app store into your device. An app can download content from the internet or it can download the content in your memory for later use. To understand better technology between mobile web and mobile app, it’s important to understand the pros and cons for both of the methodologies and interpret the strategy that a brand can utilize this technology for its own benefits.

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Advantages for Mobile App

Mobile app development either through native or hybrid must be downloaded to its particular platform separately, due to the distinctive app stores. Not only the different of app stores, both platform namely the iOS and Android uses a different Programming language and different technology for app design and best project structure. Generally speaking, apps are absolutely dissimilar from a corporate website, but apps are usually for boosting the branding for a company in the form of an extension.

Branding platform

As to make things clear, a mobile app is completely distinctive than a company’s website. In a website, you can demonstrate about your company’s services, goals and about, meanwhile, an app has no limitation when the quality or need of which an app is based on is to be considered. This is why mobile app development in Singapore is still operating for a wide array of industries namely, medicine, entertainment, construction, education, banking etc.

The top priority for any brand is to have an ironclad branding tactic in order to make itself on the spotlight and mobile app helps a greater deal in this department. It’s necessary to realize that a mobile app provide a totally unique experience to the users which a website is unable to perform, such as user engagement, live streaming, and social media integration.

User Centric Data

Data which is personalized as per a user interest, behavior, and location and trigger events can provide a huge benefits for businesses. A mobile app has the capability to offer highly personalized set of behaviors dedicated for the user. Through the settings of a mobile app, a user can set its preferences of how they want the app to behave, and furthermore, a user can change the settings anytime he wants a different approach.

Using the assistance of GPS tracker, an app can provide updates of your tracking details automatically without any external groundwork. Using Google maps, a mobile app can show you all restaurant of your choice which is located near your area, which tells the user about their favorite dishes being served in discounted price or limited time offers. Report published by Localytics, suggested that when a user content is highly personified, the brand will get a higher chance in a conversion.

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Support Device capabilities

A mobile app has the ability to use device build-in features, whether their hardware or software such as GPS, camera, phone dials, internet etc. This interconnection between device capabilities enhances a user experience which results in a better conversion for business. According to a survey report by Cisco, that through the combination of state-of-the-art content and highly-relevant data, enabled consumers to attract towards the mobile app. Especially for retailers, the mobile app holds huge feasibility if a device capabilities are properly leveraged, because an improved customer experienced means improved branding and increase in conversions.

The features which increases the feasibilities of a retail based mobile app may include the support of instant updates, camera, and tap to call, push notification and Bluetooth. On the other hand, mobile website has a very limited access over mobile features, although it can reap benefits from some hardware modules such as camera, and GPS, but certain constraints are bound over its feasibility.

Offline Mode

A mobile app can provide offline access to their users. This feature is possible due to the fact that mobile app is directly installed inside your device, meaning the entire context and information is already been applied. There are many apps that require continues internet connection to fetch and retrieve data, but nevertheless, a mobile apps can still be accessed and its main content and functionality are readily available for the users.

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Customer participation

Due to a more customized approach in terms of app design and development, users generates a sense of attachment with the app, as it provide continence and personalization to the user’s content. There are some apps that provide engaging solutions to their customer like online banking, feedback system, online community rooms etc. Combined with all of these features, a user is directed towards a better relationship with the businesses.

A good mobile app provides a greater customer satisfaction and platform to engage with one another. This entire factor enables the user to create a habit of using the mobile on regular basis thus making it a second nature for users. We, as Singapore app Development Company, are contributing great value among the customer and business relationship through amazing app design and development which will prove both economical and result oriented.

Brand occupancy

A huge benefit provided by a mobile app which can never be achieved by a mobile website is the application being installed inside you device physically. Even though, when users is not using your app directly, only the icon which reflexes your brand plays a vital role by becoming as an indirect marketing strategy. The icon represents your brand and advertises daily to your user as long as the app is installed into the device. This indirect marketing is subjected to a hyper-targeted marketing tactics which cannot be achieved by any other medium than a mobile app manages to formulate.

According to a survey, over 83% of users have pointed out the importance of user experience on using a mobile app. When a mobile app is developed, an app developer always considers the seamless mobile experience ofa user, rather than converting a website into an app. Having a better app experience, with higher quality and brand consistency, users will register your brand among their favorites and improve your overall conversions.

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Advantages for Mobile Web

As explained earlier, mobile web is just a responsive version for a standard website build for the desktop version. A mobile friendly design promotes better outreach from the maximum number of users whether using mobile, tablets, laptops or desktops. Below are some benefits from the mobile web:

Increase audience spectrum

There are two huge benefits for the mobile web. First one is ease of access, and the other one is search engine powered. Ease of access is possible with the mobile web as a website is hosted on the internet, which can be accessed across any device which has a browser and an internet connection. Secondly, the website are being indexed through a search engine, which means more chances of being highlighted at the top spots with a large user pool to access the search engines, unlike mobile app reachability, which is downloaded through either Google’s play store or Apple’s App store.

Cheap to develop

Mobile web holds the significance for being the most cost-effective option among the latter. The mobile app is considered to be an expensive method to achieve, which is made up of many components and practice, not to mention mobile web take less amount of time to completely develop.

Visibility and Search Engine Optimization

Website is all about traffic and visibility. Google pays close attention to websites which are well optimized in terms of mobile friendliness and responsiveness. Once your website has reached to a higher position in Google results, the traffic and brand spectrum will increase simultaneously.

The biggest drawback of a mobile web has always been the limitation in regards of engagement and user preference orientation. There is also no support for device build-in functions such as camera, Bluetooth, etc. to use it within the realm of the mobile web. So functionality wise, the mobile web has scored lesser as compared to a mobile app. During the development of a mobile website, the responsive design should include the minimum number of steps for users to take, due to smaller screens for operation. If a user starts of feel a sense of frustration due to improper user experience, the user will bounce off from your website, which greatly affects your brand image and damaging for SEO. According to Google report, 61% of users won’t probability revisit a website which has a poor experience while 40% of user will visit your competitor’s site instead, which has a better user experience than yours. So having a poor design, will not only affect your brand integrity, but rather it will enable the user to visit your competitor’s site.

Which option is best for you?

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Deciding whether to go for mobile web or mobile app always depends upon your existing needs. It is important to understand that the world of IT requires frequent revamps to make things fresh and lively, and will let your customers know that you are still improving your strategy and providing a top-class user experience. To answer the question about what to pick, both of technology has importance for different objectives.

If you want a number of people to view your website and increase your brand reach, mobile web is the best option for you. And if you want to provide unique user engagement, strengthen loyalty among user and help your customer to solve a particular problem through technology, a mobile app is the best choice. Now, after talking about both the domains, it is observed from many approaches and examined in depth, that in order to obtain the best result, both technologies can be strategically provide amazing advantages if executed correctly. To help you decide the best possible solution, mobile app consultation would certainly advised you the best approaches to achieve positive result minimum investments.

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