Mobile Apps of 2019 have many new interesting features that businesses have taken advantage of. Today we will explore the different upcoming trends of 2019 of mobile apps and what it means for a business or a startup like yourself.

Staying ahead of the mobile app trend is what true entrepreneurs should be doing every day. By identifying or predicting the trends, they have a first-mover advantage.

Internet-of-Things (IoT) Mobile Apps

With the development and progress of physical sensors, circuit board, Wi-Fi chips, connecting physical devices with software has never been easier. One of the most common examples of IoT mobile apps is smart home projects. There are homes in Singapore that are able to control different parts of the home using a simple mobile app.

The limit to these is endless. By taking a traditional machine and making it IoT-enabled, you are opening yourself a new world of business.

For example, take a regular lock. If you can make it IoT-enabled, you can potentially control the lock remotely without the need of being physically at the lock.

This is even more lucrative when it comes to industrial applications. Companies spend millions of dollars every year to come up with a maintenance team for their company. However, we can come up with a mobile app coupled with IoT to come up with a system that can replace their maintenance team.

For example, if the maintenance team regularly checks water temperature, we can have a thermometer. This measures the temperature and sending information back to the mobile app. This way, manpower costs are reduced dramatically.

By finding a niche that you are knowledgable in, you can find a suitable IoT mobile app for your business.

AI and ML

Mobile Apps can be integrated to empower Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to make decisions. By feeding a massive amount of data, the mobile app learns what to output and does the decision making for humans.

In addition, with AI integrated into our mobile apps, it can learn patterns of mobile app consumers and show appropriate data. This has been commonly used in platforms such as Amazon and Alibaba. The platforms learn your preferences in products based on your browsing history and shows recommended products accordingly.

Machine Learning is empowering mobile apps in converting handwriting to texts, and even speak to texts. As you might have noticed these technologies in apps such as Siri and Google Assistant, their speech recognition has been improving. This is because Google is gathering millions of data every day on how accurate their results are when it comes to voice. With this amount of data, the system is able to learn which are right and which is wrong.


With the rise of Bitcoin trends, Blockchain technology’s popularity has risen with it. SleekDigital focuses on enterprise and startup usage of Blockchain technology in mobile app development. By investing in Research and Development for blockchain, we can find a way to utilise blockchain in enterprises. This is to further push the generation of businesses forward.

Since blockchains are decentralised usage of technology, there is no such thing as a common database as per the traditional app development way. Therefore, this is more secure as compared to old technology. Military and Political application trends have risen over the years.

Other than the usual enterprise application of blockchain, many companies are using blockchain to raise funds or market themselves using ICO.


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